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Christmas and Hanukkah to Merge!

If airlines, computer makers and telecom companies are doing it, why not religions? Christmas and Hanukkah to Merge!

Thanksgiving: Mirror Unto the Soul

Thanksgiving: Mirror Unto The Soul of a Nation “A nation divided cannot stand,” said Abraham Lincoln, paraphrasing Scripture. But with a bit of luck, some ordinary patience and understanding, and a touch of grace, it can. Here’s how. Prayers For Thanksgiving

Picking Up Where Luther Let Us Down

Picking Up Where Luther Let Us Down This year, Christians around the world are celebrating the events that unfolded in 16th Century Europe, now known as the Reformation. Martin Luther is its central protagonist. His example offers some hard lessons for 21st century rulers and reformers in both church and state.

Mother’s Day Recipes

Want to give mother a treat? Take charge. Cook something delicious for her and your entire family. But don’t just make this a one day event, take charge. Become a great cook for this holiday and everyday. Need some help? One of these cook books featuring the best culinary treats will come in handy on […]

Humor for My Valentine

To My Valentine, The Most Beautiful Woman in the World And other recent additions to our humor page

Prayer and Dr. Martin Luther King

Spiritual resources for celebrating the birthday of the civil rights leader, including prayers and other readings.

Starbucks Redeemed!

After suffering stiff criticism from some Christians for eliminating snow flakes from it seasonal coffee cups, the caffeine giant has come out with its Christmas blend 2016. No punches pulled here, fellow Christians. Starbucks doesn’t resort to euphemisms like “holiday blend,” or “winter blend.” It’s the flat out Christmas blend at Starbucks. Why aren’t the […]

Cruz Drives Millions to Atheism!

This is a satirical piece for sure …. but it is not far from the truth.      

Is There Any Power in a Prayer?

One of most often repeated phrases one hears in churches around the world involves an affirmation of “the power of prayer.”  Despite this affirmation, one of the most universal experiences of people who pray is a sense that their prayers have not, in fact, been answered.  This often leads to a feeling of guilt that […]

Pope suggests Donald Trump is “Not a Christian.”

In one of the more refreshing and controversial comments he has made to date, Pope Francis, stepped in to the middle of US Presidential politics, suggesting that Donald Trump is “not a Christian,” for focusing on building walls, rather than bridges between peoples.  Check it out here. While the phrase “not a Christian” may seem harsh […]