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I saw and Angel …

I Saw an Angel in the Palisades Today A poem, written on a warm, summer day on a sailboat in the Hudson.

Good Things to Eat and Why

You’ve heard about adding more fruits and vegetables, along with fish and whole grains to your diet; sometimes it’s not exactly clear why. This chart spells in all out, connecting each item with its benefits. Whether such definitive connections can be drawn between eating specific foods and a corresponding health benefit is questionable from the […]

Christian Weight Loss? Fact or Fantasy?

Can A Spiritual or Christian Weight Loss Program Come to the Rescue? The Christian weight loss movement is booming, but can spiritually oriented weight loss programs actually help? We survey the field, recommend the the best book on the topic, and offer our own weight loss plan. Cut to the chase: The Spirit Diet Best […]

What Would Jesus Eat?

 Do Faith Based Weight Loss Programs Really Work? One of the benefits of recession, research shows, is a tendency for people to lose weight, believe it or not, as they cut down on eating out at restaurants or consuming calorie rich foods. That said, in times of boom or bust, it’s always good policy to […]

Running With the Wind

Several years ago, I began a regular discipline of long distance running, for health and well-being. Running is now a focal point of my spiritual practice. Not surprisingly, some of the world’s spiritual masters have seen running as a metaphor for the journey of faith. I recommend it. Running With The Wind

Spiritual Weightloss Books

Current and best selling books about weight loss with a spiritual dimension.  Why count calories, when you can count your blessings while losing weight?  Check these books out now.

Another Fake War on Faith

One thing strikes my as curious about the uproar following President Obama’s announcement last week that those seeking medical care in public, church related hospitals must have the same access to medical care, including help with their family planning, as those seeking care in secular hospitals.  The religious right exploded in outrage, suggesting that Obama was […]

Diets: Ideal and Real

The Department of Agriculture just released a new graphic, representing the ideal diet, meeting its recommendations for healthy eating.  Here’s the government illustration: But, folks, let’s get real.  There is a wide gap between what the government recommends and what Americans actually consume.  Here’s my own take on what the public actually eats: So …. […]

What Would Jesus Eat?

With one holiday down, and more coming soon, the challenge of losing some of those extra calories will be a cause of much concern in many households in the coming weeks. Holidays may come and go, but the Christian weight loss industry continues to prosper. Here’s my take on what works and what doesn’t.  What […]

Christian and/or Spiritual Weight Loss Books

Check our guide for the latest books at the lowest prices now.