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Birds of the Bible

Birds signify the presence of God, whether in the form of the dove that signaled the presence of the Holy Spirit at the time of Christ’s baptism, the mother eagle that cares for its young, or the sparrow that signifies God’s concern for the most insignificant living things.  Read more ….

Do Animals Go To Heaven?

If the New York Times thinks it is an important question, then we better start taking it more seriously!  Given that many of us have had scores of pets over the course of a lifetime, the possibilities are tremendous. And St. Peter, has a lot more work to do than we thought. Where is St. Francis when […]

Do Dogs Go To Heaven?

The debate rages, but in my mind there is no debate at all. God loves all creatures, so why would dogs not go to heaven? Do Dogs Go To Heaven? For more information about God and the animals.

Faith, Science and the Future

Faith, Science and the Future This book traces the relationship between science and religion. This gathering of outstanding voices from fields as diverse as evolutionary biology and theology confirms and supports the notion that people of faith have little to fear from science; in fact, constructive engagement with the sciences is essential to the vitality […]

Why Does It Always Rain on Weekends?

Why Does It Always Seem To Rain on the Weekends? Is this a figment of my imagination? Or is the rainy weekend effect real? And if its real, is God punishing us, or is there a natural explanation like global warming or air pollution? The answers might surprise you.

Conference: The River is a Magic Thing

The River is a Magic Thing We are joining with a group of like minded people in co-sponsoring a conference on the art, history, ecology, spirituality and future health of the Hudson River and its communities. May 6, 2005, The Museum of Biblical Art, New York City. For futher details.

Earth Day

Earth Day 2006 Religious leaders and communities of faith across the US are celebrating Earth Day this week in a variety of ways, including a live web cast discussion sponsored by Earth Day Television. For more information. Also … you are invited to our conference on the art, history, ecology, spirituality and future health of […]