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Christians Celebrate Science

Christians Celebrate Science Listening to the news media or following Facebook of late, one might well come to the conclusion that there is a built in conflict between Christianity and modern science. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the vast majority of Christians, especially in the US, both respect and celebrate science. […]

Jesus the same, yesterday, today and forever.

The author of that anonymous New Testament “Letter to the Hebrews,” apparently writing at a time, like ours, when there was great disagreement, both within the church and the wider culture, about the character and identity of the man called Jesus, attempted to clear things up when he wrote: “Jesus Christ, the same, yesterday, today and forever.” But given the diversity of opinion about Jesus both in the past and today. What does that mean?

The Significance of Color in Christian Symbolism

Color plays a crucial role in the symbolism and iconography of the Christian tradition.  Here we outline the meanings associated with color in Christian worship, art, architecture and design. Read more ….

Top Ten Verses of the Bible

Given sufficient time to study just ten passages from the Bible, these are the passages I would select. Among these are some of the most memorable and most popular, but mere popularity is not the main reason for selecting these. Here, then, is my “best of the Bible” list, and why I selected each passage. Here […]

Heaven Lands on Broadway

Everyone wants to go there, but no one can say exactly why.  Descriptions of heaven make the problem worse. Anything that lasts forever is bound to bore at some point.  But C.S. Lewis rose to the challenge and did better than anyone.  His novella, The Great Divorce, has now hit Broadway.  This looks interesting. Check […]

Books About God

You are invited to visit our bookstore to find best selling books about God. Note how many there are! We have not ranked or rated any of these books. But we find it fascinating to see what’s in print now. Enjoy!

God In the News!

Sometimes it seems that the only news being covered by the media is that of war, violence, nuclear proliferation, genocide, political conflict and corruption in high places. Actually, there are quite a few examples to the contrary. The press is actively covering God, not to mention lesser topics like religion, spirituality, ethics and such, arguably […]

Islam and Conversion

A good article from the Economist on Muslim attitudes toward conversion This article shows how Islam regards conversion and how troubling it is for the religion. You might want to read some of the readers’ responses, too, to see how people understood the issues raised.

A Christian Case for Evolution

In the context of our current culture wars, it often seems that science and religion are in conflict, forcing a choice between acceptance of religion on the one hand, or science on the other. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the dabate over evolution. The very word “Christian” has come to be identified with […]

God and the Hurricanes

Now in the heart of the tropical storm season, with yet another strom heading for the US, it is timely to reflect upon the ways in which religious people deal with natural disasters, which are often referred to as an “act of God.”   Read more. Check out these respected relief agencies that can deliver help […]