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Top Ten Verses of the Bible

Given sufficient time to study just ten passages from the Bible, these are the passages I would select. Among these are some of the most memorable and most popular, but mere popularity is not the main reason for selecting these. Here, then, is my “best of the Bible” list, and why I selected each passage. Here […]

The Jesus Picture Gallery

The Gallery Tour Whatever the skeptics and secularists have to say about it, Jesus is alive and well within popular culture. Magazines, radio, television, newspapers, billboards, roadside signs … and especially the Internet … are filled with images to satisfy the curiosity of the faithful. Pictures of Jesus proliferate and we have collected hundreds of […]

The Essence of Bias

From Walt Hickey of the Five Thirty Eight Newsletter: “When people claim to be Christian and commit violence in the name of Christianity, according to a recent poll, 75 percent Americans say that person wasn’t really Christian. But when people claim to be Muslim and commit violence in the name of Islam, 50 percent of Americans […]

The Brightest and Best Commentary on Religion

One of the most helpful sources of news about religion: RealClearReligion is a catch-all source for religion stories, opinion and controversy. Everyday the RealClearReligion team scours the Web to find the best religion news and analysis to help readers better understand what’s happening in the world of faith. The RealClearReligion editorial team covers religion in itself […]

Heaven Lands on Broadway

Everyone wants to go there, but no one can say exactly why.  Descriptions of heaven make the problem worse. Anything that lasts forever is bound to bore at some point.  But C.S. Lewis rose to the challenge and did better than anyone.  His novella, The Great Divorce, has now hit Broadway.  This looks interesting. Check […]

What is Zoroastrianism

What is Zoroastrianism? Some identify Zoroastrianism is the world’s first monotheistic faith, and one that influenced Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In any case it ranks among the oldest, living religions of the world. Christianity among the religions of the world.

Salvatore Larosa: XCrosses

Larosa is one of the foremost artists working at the interface of spirituality and aesthetics, religion and the arts. Among his latest works, a beautiful website and booklet, is a meditation on the meaning of the cross, inspired by the Gospel of Thomas.  Check it out here.

Do Dogs Go To Heaven?

The debate rages, but in my mind there is no debate at all. God loves all creatures, so why would dogs not go to heaven? Do Dogs Go To Heaven? For more information about God and the animals.

God In the News!

Sometimes it seems that the only news being covered by the media is that of war, violence, nuclear proliferation, genocide, political conflict and corruption in high places. Actually, there are quite a few examples to the contrary. The press is actively covering God, not to mention lesser topics like religion, spirituality, ethics and such, arguably […]

Freedom, Freedom

What the New Testament Says About Freedom You might be surprised. Check it out