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Christian Humor: Honk if you Love Jesus

Grandma’s Letter Honk if you love Jesus … and other humor at the GodWeb. Contrary to popular opinion, Christian humor is not an oxymoron … it is not even moronic. And more great humor.

Bible Riddles

Questions and answers about the Bible with a humorous twist to test your humor, if not your knowledge. I bet you won’t get them all …

666: The Number of the Beast and other humor

666: Having some fun with the number of the Beast And more recent humor

Was Jesus A Woman

Three Good Arguments That Jesus Was a Woman … The latest from our humor files. More humor.

On the lighter side ……

The Biblical Concept of Marriage: Warning, Some Revisions Necessary Speeder Fanagles Way Out of Ticket: A Parable for Our Time Bible Riddles More Humor

The 400 Pound Hacker from Jersey; Strange but True

The press and large segments of the public are curious about the “400 pound man sitting on his bed in Jersey,” whom our president-elect keeps mentioning as the possible hacker who tipped the scales in the 2016 Presidential election against Clinton and in favor of Trump. Wonder no more. I refer to him as “Uncle […]

Christian Humor

Some might think this is an oxymoron, but Christianity is both the source and the subject of some very funny humor.  Check out our collection of Christian centric humor here.

A Biblical View of Marriage

Warning: Updates may be required!

Christmas on YouTube

Christmas on YouTube! I thought I understood the meaning of Christmas. Guess I will have to go back to the drawing board. Check out these YouTube videos about Christmas.

Islam and Conversion

A good article from the Economist on Muslim attitudes toward conversion This article shows how Islam regards conversion and how troubling it is for the religion. You might want to read some of the readers’ responses, too, to see how people understood the issues raised.