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Paintings and Pictures of Muhammed

Paintings and Pictures of Muhammed In the context of yet another crisis following satirical treatment of Mohammed, it is often stated that paintings or other visual images of the Prophet are forbidden within Islam.  This view not withstanding, there is a rich history or art in which Muhammed is portrayed. We look at some outstanding examples.

The Walls of Jerusalem

The Walls of Jerusalem One obvious characteristic of the city of Jerusalem are its walls … both ancient and modern. Although built of stone, the walls of the Holy City speak eloquently of its past, its present, and its clouded future. A photo essay.

Is God a Republican?

Or a Democrat?  If you think the question is absurd, hard-to-answer, obvious or irrelevant, think again.  Read more.

Left Behind: Bad Fiction, Bad Faith

Left Behind: Bad Fiction, Bad Faith Given the popularity and persistence of “biblical prophecy” thinking that packages paranoia as faith and sees in first century sacred texts accurate predictions of 21st century catastrophe, let’s take a closer look at the series of best-selling books that has fed the fantasies: the “Left Behind” novels of Tim […]