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Re-Imagining Lent

Lent is the period of 40 days leading to Easter. It is one of the “pentitential” seasons. Modern day Christians are not exactly electrified by a season so long or so serious. But for this very reason, a rediscovery of what this season means may be exactly what the doctor ordered. The Science of Repentance […]

The Christian Year

The Christian Year: Making Time Count There are many ways to count the passage of time. But more than marking its passage, the church year offers an extraordinary opportunity to give time meaning. Understanding how it works it one of the best ways I know of lending spiritual depth to any season of the year.

What is Ash Wednesday?

People unfamiliar with Christianity may wonder why they see others who in an early day in March have a smudge of ash on their faces.  Here’s why.  And, by the way, Ash Wednesday is February 22nd this year.

Remembering Dietrich Bonheoffer

State of Emergency: Some Thoughts For Holy Week April 9 is the anniversary of the death of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. A German pastor and theologian, Bonhoeffer was hanged in 1945, by the Nazis for his participation in the plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler. It was only a month before the end of World War II. And […]