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Women’s Ordination?

Many of us have been following Pope Francis, his progressive pronouncements, his call to interreligious dialogue, his commitment to the environment, his well received visit to the US with interest and enthusiasm. The great omission in the Pope’s agenda, thus far, has been any serious discussion of women’s ordination. Despite the fact that one of the […]

Madonna and the Crucifixtion

Madonna’s Crucifixion In the pop singer’s “Confessions on a Dance Floor” tour she poses on a giant cross, wearing a crown of thorns, against a backdrop of projected images showing children from Africa who are victims of AIDS and other calamities such as genocide in Darfur. Religious leaders around the world have risen up to […]

A Letter to the Pope

Benedict XVI, Rouse Yourself! Tissa Balasuriya, a progressive Roman Catholic theologian from Sri Lanka, has often been at odds with the leadership of his own church over issues such as the role of women, the relationship between Christianity and other world religions, particularly Buddhism, and the lack of courage on the part of many Christians […]