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Prayers and Readings for a Funeral

A loved one dies.  You need to help plan or participate in the funeral or memorial service. This may help: Funeral Prayers Prayers, Poety, Familiar Quotations Readings From the Bible A Prayer for those facing death Complete Funeral Planner

Funeral Planner

Funeral Planner A friend or loved one dies. You find yourself in the position of needing to organize a fitting tribute, memorial service or funeral. Here is the practical information you’ll need in moving ahead with your plans, including our list of recommended readings for the service.

The Absurd Cost of Death and Dying

We lost our beloved “mother,” Lela Nelson Rhodes, following a long illness, several weeks ago.  She was a very wise, loving and wonderful woman.  She was also very frugal. When she died, peacefully at home, we called our local undertakers at, Frank E. Campbell, not far away in Manhattan.  They quickly picked up Lela’s body, took […]

Funeral Prayers

Prayers, Readings, Poetry, Familiar Quotations which you might find helpful in planning a funeral or memorial service.