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God4Sale Now that the Internet has become a marketplace as much as a medium of communication, there’s a gold rush in progress, as people try to cash in. Much of the selling is being done in the name and under the banner of Jesus Christ. Our Money Changer of the Week Award goes to …

Predictions for the New Year 2011

Though it is always risky to predict the future, I have a feeling that most of the issues we’ll be thinking about and the news stories we’ll be covering in the New Year are already discernible. Here are my predictions. Let’s hear yours. Please leave a comment here.

Popular Spirituality

“I’m spiritual but not religious.” This contemporary mantra or new-age creed means different things to different people. I’m charting and tracking the ebb and flow of pop spirituality. Pop Spirituality 101

John Lennon and the End of Religion

No Religion Too? On the anniversary of John Lennon’s death, we note that people are drawn more than ever to his view that the world would be better off without organized religion. We take a closer look at both sides of this question.

A Wall That Should Not Fall

The Dangers of a Faith Based Politics: A Wall Should Not Fall Despite pledges to end partisan bikering and grid lock in Washington by Presidents Bush and Obama, the country seems more divided than ever. One reason for this, I believe, is that a faith based politics has intensified our differences. We now have ample, […]

What is the date and Meaning of Ashura?

Ashura is the Islamic holy day observed on the 10th of the Islamic month of Muharram. Shi’ite Muslims regard it as a major festival marking the martydom of the Prophet’s grandson, Hussein. For more about Ashura.

Stained Glass Jesus

Let There Be Light: The Beauty of Christ in Stained Glass Neil Ralley’s photographs of the stained glass windows in some of the most beautiful churches of Europe and North America offer a treat for the eyes as well as the soul.

Top Ten Christmas Albums

Christmas is known for its music. During the holiday season people who seldom attend flock to the churches for a performance of sacred music or to sing a few carols with friends. Why not bring the glory of the season into your own home? These CD’s are sure to uplift and inspire, filling your home […]

The Fascinating History of the Christmas Carol

Nothing is more familiar about this season than the carols. Yet, the history of this form of sacred music is largely forgotten. From ring dance to sacred carol, we trace the controversial story. Read More … And for the Top Christmas Music Albums, including the carols.