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Franklin Graham and Rick Santorum Vie For Stone Casters of the Year

If you saw Franklin Graham on Morning Joe earlier this week, you saw him imply that President Obama is a Muslim even while avoiding saying so directly.  It was a spectacle of smarmy inuendo.  Tell @samaritanspurse to fire @franklin_graham for spreading lies about Obama’s faith: http://t.co/aT4QgAun Rick Santorum didn’t do any better during the debate last […]

What is Ash Wednesday?

People unfamiliar with Christianity may wonder why they see others who in an early day in March have a smudge of ash on their faces.  Here’s why.  And, by the way, Ash Wednesday is February 22nd this year.

Another Fake War on Faith

One thing strikes my as curious about the uproar following President Obama’s announcement last week that those seeking medical care in public, church related hospitals must have the same access to medical care, including help with their family planning, as those seeking care in secular hospitals.  The religious right exploded in outrage, suggesting that Obama was […]

Faith Profile Test

What kind of a Christian Are You? Are you a Liberal, Evangelical, Moderate or Fundamentalist? Designed specifically for Christians, this brief test will give you an idea of how your faith compares to that of others. And what your contribution to the world and to the wider church might be. Faith Profile Test