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All the tools you need to study, understand and apply the Bible to your own life now. Read more ….

The Christian Year

The Christian Year: Making Time Count There are many ways to count the passage of time. But more than marking its passage, the church year offers an extraordinary opportunity to give time meaning. Understanding how it works it one of the best ways I know of lending spiritual depth to any season of the year.

Mapping Christianity: The Protestant Denominations of North America

The Protestant Denominations of North America Ever wonder what distinguishes and identifies the various Protestant denominations? Here is a list of these churches with their logos and links to their websites.

The Walls of Jerusalem

The Walls of Jerusalem One obvious characteristic of the city of Jerusalem are its walls … both ancient and modern. Although built of stone, the walls of the Holy City speak eloquently of its past, its present, and its clouded future. A photo essay.