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The Date of Valentine’s Day 2015

It shouldn’t be a mystery, since it is the same date every year, but still, you might need a reminder, that the date of Valentine’s Day is, has been, and probably always will be February 14.  In 2015 that happens to be a Saturday.  The day of the week may change, but the date remains […]

Easter Date Calculator

For a variety of purposes you might be interested in knowing the date of Easter, not only for the current year, but for any year, past or future. Our Easter date calculator will do it for you.  Read more ….

What is the Date of Easter in 2015

The date of Easter in 2015 is April 5th for most Protestants and Catholics. This year for Eastern Orthodox Christians it is April 12. For an explanation of how the date of Easter is calculated and the date of Easter in future years, continue reading. For a calculator that will help you find the date of […]

Birds of the Bible

Birds signify the presence of God, whether in the form of the dove that signaled the presence of the Holy Spirit at the time of Christ’s baptism, the mother eagle that cares for its young, or the sparrow that signifies God’s concern for the most insignificant living things.  Read more ….

What Would Muhammed Do?

What Would Muhammed Do? One Muslim’s response to the cartoon controversy. More About Islam

Paintings and Pictures of Muhammed

Paintings and Pictures of Muhammed In the context of yet another crisis following satirical treatment of Mohammed, it is often stated that paintings or other visual images of the Prophet are forbidden within Islam.  This view not withstanding, there is a rich history or art in which Muhammed is portrayed. We look at some outstanding examples.

A Biblical View of Marriage

Warning: Updates may be required!

Atheist Terrorists

Those Atheist Terrorists In the aftermath of today’s violence in France, again associating the words “Muslim” and “terrorist,” it is important to note that the major motivation for terrorist attacks across the last two decades has been political, rather than religious. In fact, the leading sponsor of terrorism in the modern world has been a movement that is inspired by […]

What is Milad un Nabi?

Milad un Nabi or Milad an-Nabi, or Mawlid al-Nabi, is a holiday celebrated by some Muslims as the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. It takes place on the 12th day of the Islamic month of Rabi al-Awwa.. In 2015, the holiday begins on the evening of January 2 and continues until the evening of January 3. For the full […]