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How To Find your favorite Bible passage.

Find any word, phrase, name, date, or passage in the Bible. Remember only part of the passage you are looking for? No problem. You can find it in a few simple steps.

1.    Right Click on this link to the Revised Standard Version of the Bible.

But wait! Before continuing, read on.

2.   Once the RSV search window appears, click on the hyperlink for "Simple Search."

3.   Decide whether you want to search the entire Bible or limit your search to just the Old or New Testament.

4.   Make the appropriate selection using the pull down menu.

5.   Type a word or phrase in the search window.

6.   Hit the "Search" button.

7.   You will now see a list of passages where your word or phrase occurs.

8.   Choose the appropriate hyperlink to read the entire chapter in which your word or phrase occurs.

9.   You can now right click with your cursor in the widow where the relevant passage appears.

10.   Choose "Print" to print the entire chapter.

11.   Choose "Select All" to copy the chapter into a text editor or other program.

12.   Alternatively, left click and hold your mouse button down while dragging your cursor over the text you'd like to highlight

13.   Using the "Edit" drop down menu, you can now "Copy" the selected quotation into a word processing program.


  1. This simple technique is actually a very powerful research tool.
  2. By printing out the entire list of passages where a particular word or phrase occurs, and reading them all, you will have a much deeper understanding of the meaning of the particular passage where your word or phrase occurs.

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