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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Voice and the Vision

mlks.jpg (6373 bytes)In many discussions of the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., it is forgotten that he was by training and avocation a preacher and a theologian. While his reputation rests largely on his accomplishments in the field of civil rights, his inspiration flowed from a well informed faith. The sermon, "Our God is Able," was one of his best. Our version was re-written by Charles Henderson to eliminate language and certain references that would make its content seem dated when, in fact, it is still most pertinent more than thirty years after it was first delivered. 

Our God is Able

Letter from the Birmingham Jail
In some ways more important than the "Dream Speech," this is one of the seminal documents of American history.

I Have a Dream
Text of the speech with mp3 audiofile and photographs

Prayer and Dr. King
Resources for celebrating the life of the civil rights leader, including prayers, readings, pictures, photos, litanies and more.

Best selling books from major publishers about the life and legacy of Dr. King

For further reading about Dr. King and related topics, I highly commend several books by Dr. James Melvin Washington.


Martin Luther King and the Future of America

The discussion of the legacy of Martin Luther King available here is based on talks given by Vincent Harding and Clare Gaudiani in April 1996 at the Boston Research Center for the Twenty-First Century. The papers were published by the journal CrossCurrents in the fall of that year. 

Martin Luther King and the Future of America
Vincent Harding and Claire Gaudiani

Here are some additional resources on the Web about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:

The Martin Luther King, Jr., Research and Education Institute
A collection of primary and secondary documents pertaining to Martin Luther King, Jr., held at Stanford University.

Ebenezer Baptist Church
King's role as a national leader began here. It was at age five that he first joined the church. At 19, King received that call to Christian Ministry and was ordained at Ebenezer. Dr. King preached his first and last sermons from the pulpit at Ebenezer, where his father and grandfather had pastored.

Letter from a Birmingham jail
Aside from the "Dream" speech, this may be the second most important document in undertanding Dr. King and his life's work. Written from his cell in the Birmingham jail, he answered a  group of clergy who had criticized his tactic of non-violent action.

Time Magazine coverage and cover stories on Dr. King

Martin Luther King, Jr. Directory
This site includes all sorts of material by and about the slain civil rights leader. Contributers include the Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project at Stanford University and The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center in Atlanta.

MLK National Historic Site Home Page
Created by Martin Luther King, Jr., National Historic Site Interpretive Staff.

National Civil Rights Museum

Seattle Times prize winning MLK tribute page
Excellent articles, news stories, interviews, and sound clips.

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