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Numbers as Christian Symbols

Like colors, a great many numbers have symbolic significance and are intentionally used that way in Christian literature, including the Bible.

The number one, for example, refers to the one God of this tradition, two is taken as a reference to the dual nature of Christ as being both human and divine, three signifies the Trinity, is often taken as a reference to the Trinity, four signifies the four gospel accounts of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, five refers to the wounds of Jesus on the cross, etc.

In sum ...

1 = one God
2 = the dual nature of Christ as human and divine
3 = the Trinity
4 = the four "evangelists" or gospel writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
5 = the wounds of Christ on the cross and, hence a reference to the theme of sacrifice.
6 = the six days of creation or creativity generally.
7 = the number of consummation and rest, for on the seventh day of creation, God rested.
8 = often refers to regeneration or resurrection and for this reason the baptismal font in many churches is eight sided.
9 = there were nine choirs of angels, nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, and nine, being the result of 3x3 also refers to the Trinity or God.
10 = refers to the Ten Commandments. Note that in Sermon on the Mount there are ten beatitudes, drawing a clear parallel between Moses and Jesus.

Many larger numbers have significance too. In fact, when reading the Bible, it is safe to assume that almost any number one encounters in the text can have symbolic meanings. Taking those into account can sometimes influence one's interpretation of a particular passage.

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