It's A New Day At Microsoft!

Revised Corporate Logo Unveiled.

Bill Gates visits First Church of Cyberspace

Check it out for yourself

In a surprise announcement from his Redmond, Washington, estate, Bill Gates, the world's richest man, announced his conversion to Christianity as a result of a recent visit to GodWeb's  First Church of Cyberspace. "Not since the conversion of the Emperor Constantine have there been such significant consequences flowing from the profession of faith by a single individual," commented Charles Henderson, the organizing pastor. Gates explained that as a consequence of this new faith commitment, the Microsoft Corporation would be reorganized from the top down. "Company mission and business strategy will be transformed," said Gates, "Rather than attending to the bottom line with a strategy of crushing all competitors, the new Microsoft will emphasize cooperation and networking with others to bring the benefits of the Information Age to the vast majority of the world's people. Gates also unveiled the new Microsoft logo to be included as the opening screen in every copy of the WindowsXP operating system sold, as well as other products manufactured by the software giant.