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How Rich Are You?

You may be far wealthier than you think. If you have enough income to afford the computer involved in reading this message, you are probably richer than you think. In that case, you might consider investing some of your wealth in helping the world's neediest.

Below, you will find links to help you discover how great your wealth actually is, and, as we expect, you'll discover that you are much better off that you think, there are some additional links where you can find information about how to invest your new found treasure.

How Rich Are You --- Find Out Now

Now that you realize that you are a person of substantial means, you might want to visit the home of Church World Service, one of the leading, ecumenical agencies providing relief to the world's neediest.

Church World Service

Further, if you believe that governments have an important role to play in fighting poverty and hunger, there is Bread For the World, a Christian citizens movement that seeks to influence US government officials in placing world hunger on the radar screens of those in high places in Washington.

Bread For The World

Finally, for a list of the world's most trusted, effective, and widely experienced relief agencies, with their contact information, click here.

Charles Henderson

Other related and recommended sites you might want to visit: 

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The Rev. Charles P. Henderson is a Presbyterian minister and author of Faith, Science and the Future, published in 1994 by CrossCurrents Press. He is also the author of God and Science (John Knox / Westminster, 1986) which he is now rewriting to incorporate more recent developments in the conversation taking place between scientists and theologians. He has also written widely for such publications as The New York Times, The Nation, Commonweal, The Christian Century and others.

For further information about Charles Henderson.