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A Sermon for every Season
by Charles Henderson


Read Stephen's Sermon

Stephen C. Rose -- Theologian, ethicist, writer, editor, and composer; author of 10 published books on ethics and theology from The Grass Roots Church (Holt) to Coping With A Negative World in A Positive Way (Rosen). Prize-winning editor of Renewal Magazine, continuing in cyberspace under the umbrella of Renewal2. (You can read the most recent issues of Renewal2 through the link on Interfaith Internet.) Stephen's sermon envisions what to many would appear to be a radical model for Christian community, The Church of All People. He argues that Jesus came to the world, not to start a new religion, but rather to "abolish religion as the world has known it." Sound rather interesting....try reading Stephen's sermon now.

Read Katharine's Sermon

Katharine Henderson is a Presbyterian Minister and Executive Vice President at Auburn Theological Seminary in New York City. Her sermon represents a reworking of the story of Jacob's ladder. In re-telling this familiar story Katharine urges us all to be open to our own dreams and visions of God.

Read Julian's Sermon

Julian Shipp is a reporter for the Presbyterian News Service. Since his 1990 graduation from the University of Louisville with a bachelor's degree in communications, Shipp has worked as a staff writer for "The News Enterprise," a daily newspaper in Hardin County, KY. He joined the Presbyterian news agency staff in August 1994. This meditation was delivered at a chapel service in the Presbyterian Center; it reflects his encounter with God's grace during a harrowing flight from Chicago to Louisville.


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