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The Online Bible Study Index
All the tools you need to study, understand and apply the Bible to your own life now

How To Find Your Favorite Passage From the Bible Online
Every wonder how to find a passage you are looking for in the Bible quickly. Here's how.

One of the World's Best Bibles
And my list of the books you need to help you read, interpret, understand and, yes, even enjoy Christianity's sacred text.

The New Revised Standard Version is now Online
The NRSV is the gold standard among contemporary translations of the Bible for serious, scholarly research. If you can't afford to purchase the printed edition recommended above, you can now access the full text right here ... and now.

The Oneline Bible: King James Version
This is the entire text of the KJV which you can browse or search, chapter by chapter right here at the Godweb.

The Online King James Version of the Bible
The complete text computer updated. Not a new translation, this is a computer generated update of the traditional text, giving it a more contemporary "feel" without a change in any content.

Top Ten Passages From the Bible
Among these are some of the most memorable and most popular, but mere popularity is not the main reason for selecting these. Here, then, is my "best of the Bible" list, and why I selected each passage.

Alphabet of Biblical Affirmations
Help in times of trouble. Each letter of the alphabet is linked to a Bible verse that begins with that letter. Feel free to scroll through the alphabet from A to Z, or let serendipity be your guide to the help you need.

Bible Dictionary: World Wide Web Version
A fully searchable dictionary of the Bible including definitions of all the major words, place names and proper names in the Bible

Bible Atlas
A complete atlas to the Bible featuring high quality maps covering all the place names one is likely to encounter in reading the text. This is an essential tool for anyone wanting to follow, and make sense of the scriptures of the Hewbrew Bible as well as the New Testament.

The Top Ten Books About The Bible
Reviewed and Evaluated

Books About the Bible
Use our search engine to locate the best books about the Bible in print or out of print now.

The Twenty-third Psalm
Reading Sacred Text as Hypertext

Birds of the Bible

Animals of the Bible

The Lord Is My Shepherd: The 23rd Psalm for Today
In this time between war and peace, between birth and death, between the people we are and those we'd like to become, I can think of no better map for navigating the difficult passages of life than the 23rd Psalm. It marks a passage through time, not just for each of us personally, but for entire communities and nations.

Bible Verses About Love

The Bible: True or False?
A discussion of the authority and inspiration of the Bible that attempts to find middle ground between literalists and modernists, between those who see the Bible as the inspired Word of God, and those who see it as a work of human writers and editors.

The Bible and Modern Science: Are They In Conflict?
Wisdom comes not in choosing the Bible over science, but rather to taking the insights of both science and the Scriptures with equal seriousness.

Biblical Paintings from the Sistine Chapel
Come with us to Rome. Our image map brings you the painstakingly restored paintings by Michelangelo of several Biblical stories from the book of Genesis. If you didn't know it already, the Bible has been and continues to be one of the great sources of artistic inspiration as well as spiritual illumination.

Homosexuality and the Bible: The Debate Continues
More than ten years after their historic encounter, the issues raised by Walter Wink and Ulrich Mauser on these pages continue to preoccupy religious communities and denominations around the world.

Daily Bible Readings
A set of readings from the Bible for each day of the year. As in most churches, the "lectionary" is organized into three annual cycles so that during the course of three years one encounters a significant portion of the entire bible, Old Testament and New Testament, the Psalms, the Prophets, Gospels and Epistles.

Jonah and the Great Storm
Forget about whales and such, it's about finding the inner resources required to weather any of the great storms of life.

What the New Testament Says About Freedom
You might be surprised.

Christian and Biblical Baby Names
Find a name for your child, whether boy or girl; a name with meaning; not just something popular.

Bible Riddles
Questions and answers about the Bible with a humorous twist to test your humor, if not your knowledge. I bet you won't get them all ...

When Does Life Begin?
Is there a biblical view of when life begins? There certainly is, and the answer might surprise you.


Charles Henderson

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The Rev. Charles P. Henderson is a Presbyterian minister and author of Faith, Science and the Future, published in 1994 by CrossCurrents Press. He is also the author of God and Science (John Knox / Westminster, 1986) which he is now rewriting to incorporate more recent developments in the conversation taking place between scientists and theologians. He has also written widely for such publications as The New York Times, The Nation, Commonweal, The Christian Century and others.

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