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The New Oxford Annotated Bible
Among the best Bibles for reading, study or meditation

The New Oxford Annotated Bible is one of the best available. It features introductory essays by world class scholars; excellent footnotes and maps. Whether you are reading alone or joining a study group, you'll be amazed how much this volume helps. The team that put this Bible together is first rate and this edition is the standard for biblical scholars. The text is that of the New Revised Standard Version which is the gold standard among translations. I use it every day. A good overall introduction by Bruce Metzger places this translation in perspective and summarizes as follow:

This new version seeks to preserve all that is best in the English Bible as it has been known and used through the years. It is intended for use in public reading and congregational worship, as well as in private study, instruction, and meditation. We have resisted the temptation to introduce terms and phrases that merely reflect current moods, and have tried to put the message of the Scriptures in simple, enduring words and expressions that are worthy to stand in the great tradition of the King James Bible and its predecessors.


For access to the full text of the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible

But nothing can beat having a volume like this in your home. So I've included a link to Amazon.com so you can order one today.

Charles Henderson

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The Rev. Charles P. Henderson is a Presbyterian minister and is the author of God and Science (John Knox Press, 1986).  
A revised and expanded version of the book is appearing here.
God and Science (Hypertext Edition, 2015).
He is also editor of a new book, featuring articles by world class scientists and theologians, and illustrating the leading views on the relationship between science and religion:
Faith, Science and the Future (CrossCurrents Press, 2017).

Charles also tracks the boundry between the virtual and the real at his blog: Next World Design, focusing on the mediation of art, science and spirituality in the metaverse.  

For more information about Charles Henderson.
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