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God and the Tornadoes

Does God control the path of tornadoes that move across the US each spring? As one hears the heart wrenching stories told by victims and watches news reports of the devastation on the ground, the question arises with greater intensity. So how about it? Read more ….

When Nice Won’t Suffice

When Nice Won’t Suffice When “Have a Nice Day!” doesn’t cut it … deeper resources may be required. Check out our latest sermons.

Books for Thoughtful Christians

If you don’t like to be challenged even as you are entertained and inspired, avoid these books! On the other hand, if you are interested in learning what’s happening at the leading edge Christianity and other world religions, just try any of these books on for size.  Read more …. And if you don’t like […]

God and the Hurricanes

Now in the heart of the tropical storm season, with yet another strom heading for the US, it is timely to reflect upon the ways in which religious people deal with natural disasters, which are often referred to as an “act of God.”   Read more. Check out these respected relief agencies that can deliver help […]

Storm Stories

As we track yet another set of tropical storms across the weather map, even for those who do not find themselves in the path of a hurricane, the challenge is to find the inner resources required to face any of the major storms of life. Read more …