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The Paradox of Valentine’s Day

It  is a strange holiday indeed that turns our thoughts towards love, and most often,  romantic love, but at the same time bears the name of a Catholic saint and martyr:  Saint Valentine. I can think of nothing that more clearly reflects the  often strained relationship between spirituality and sexuality in Christian faith  and practice, […]

The Fatherhood of God

Father’s Day: The Fatherhood of God What Jesus learned from this own father, and why that matters.

Jonah and the Whale?

Jonah and the great storm Forget whales and such. The book of Jonah is relavant to anyone confronting the storms of life.

Where God Resides

The Room Within On that bright day so long ago Jesus was speaking directly to us when he said: “I will not leave you desolate. For on that day, you will know that I am in (God) and you are in me, and I am in you.” I realize this may seem impossible. We are […]

Date of Thanksgiving

The Date of Thanksgiving 2015

The Problem of Forgiveness in a World of War

The Meaning of Forgiveness in a World of War Though it is central and essential in the life and teaching of Jesus, forgiveness remains a difficult concept, especially in a world of conflict and war. If it is difficult to forgive one who has caused you deep personal harm, how much more difficult is it […]

The Role of Doubt in the Life of Faith

Doubt is not the enemy of faith, blind fanaticism is.  Read more …

Freedom, Freedom

What the New Testament Says About Freedom You might be surprised. Check it out

When Nice Won’t Suffice

When Nice Won’t Suffice When “Have a Nice Day!” doesn’t cut it … deeper resources may be required. Check out our latest sermons.

The Lengths and the Limits of Love

Is Christ’s love ethic relevant in a time of war? Given that love is as much a part of the problem as a solution, I question the famous line from the love song: “All the world needs now is love, sweet love.”  Read more …..