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Christian Weight Loss? Fact or Fantasy?

Can A Spiritual or Christian Weight Loss Program Come to the Rescue? The Christian weight loss movement is booming, but can spiritually oriented weight loss programs actually help? We survey the field, recommend the the best book on the topic, and offer our own weight loss plan. Cut to the chase: The Spirit Diet Best […]

Spiritual Weightloss Books

Current and best selling books about weight loss with a spiritual dimension.  Why count calories, when you can count your blessings while losing weight?  Check these books out now.

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

This cool website frames otherwise dull economic stats in easy-to-digest graphics.  Here, for example, is their graph of global health care costs as a percentage of GDP in various countries …. followed up with other graphs showing outcomes.  Guess what?  We in the US are paying far more than other countries, but the results are […]

Faith Leaders to Congress: Pass Healthcare Reform!

In advance of this week’s bi-partisan healthcare summit, Christian and Jewish leaders are urging Congress to end the political posturing and pass comprehensive reform as an urgent moral priority. Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, Sojourners, the Religious Action Center for Reformed Judaism and over two dozen Catholic theologians sent a letter to President […]

Health Care Reform

Judging from photos of last weekend’s anti-reform march on Washington, if the folks who oppose health care legislation would start exercising and eating right, we could finance universal coverage using what we save on THEIR medical bills! Suggested reading: What would Jesus eat?

Health Care Reform: A Faith Perspective

The shrill voices of “faith based” talk show hosts notwithstanding, the overwhelming majority of religious leaders in the US recognize that reform of health care systems is a moral imperative. For churches, synagogues, and mosques, concern for people’s health is not a fad. Historically, religious organizations of all kinds have stepped forward to found hospitals, […]

Catholics and Health Care Reform

Catholic Leaders Urge Congress to Pass Health Care Reform Catholic social justice leaders are urging Congress to put aside ideological and partisan agendas to pass comprehensive health care reform that makes quality health care affordable for all Americans. In a statement that will be sent to members of Congress and published as an advertisement later […]