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Easter Music

Another great feature of Easter is the music.  Both in church and at home.  Here are some of the best collections of Easter music to brighten your home during the season …. and beyond. Easter Music: Classical Easter Music: Popular

Best Christmas Music

Top Ten Christmas Albums Christmas is known for its music. During the holiday season people who seldom attend flock to the churches for a performance of sacred music or to sing a few carols with friends. Why not bring the glory of the season into your own home? These CD’s are sure to uplift and […]

Popular Christmas Music

One of the most enjoyable parts of Christmas is the music.  Check out our list of the most popular Christmas music of all time.  Real more ….

Movie Review: Ray

Ray Charles: America’s Mythic Hero The Taylor Hackford movie, Ray, casts the singer and song writer as an icon of American civil religion. I commend this compelling film, but the truth about Ray Charles is more complicated.

John Lennon and the End of Religion

No Religion Too? On the anniversary of John Lennon’s death, we note that people are drawn more than ever to his view that the world would be better off without organized religion. We take a closer look at both sides of this question.