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The Longest, the Biggest, the Unsinkable HMS Trump

Building A Wall

A Palestinian man walks past a graffiti depicting US President Donald Trump on the controversial Israeli separation barrier in the West Bank town of Bethlehem on August 4, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / Musa AL SHAER

President Trump wants to build a wall between the US and Mexico, similar to the one between Israel and the West Bank, separating Israelis and Palestinians. One point the President might consider is that the Israeli wall is a global symbol of repression. It represents a failure of two peoples to live together as neighbors in peace. Do we actually intend to spend 18 billion of US taxpayer dollars erecting a new symbol of intolerance and repression on the US border? This would be the diametrical opposite of the Statue of Liberty which has been, until now, the symbol of the this country’s traditional attitude, welcoming those who want to migrate here. Should this wall ever be built, expect it to become a poster board for anti- America vitriol.


The Spirit Diet

Are you seeking a path not only to weight loss, but a more healthy and fulfilling life?  The Spirit Diet focuses not on the bad foods that you should avoid (you already know what those are!), but on the wonderful, tasty and delicious foods that tend to improve health and well being at every level, including spiritual health.  Care of the body and care of the soul in a comprehensive program to improve your quality of life, that’s the Spirit Diet.

Prayer and Dr. Martin Luther King

Spiritual resources for celebrating the birthday of the civil rights leader, including prayers and other readings.

Martin Luther King, Jr: The Voice and the Vision

A full set of resources to help celebrate the civil rights leader. Including photos, prayers, readings, an updated version of one of his best sermons, links to the top King sites on the net and more.

The full text of the “Dream” speech with helpful footnotes and the audio file that you can download to your computer.

Prayers and Dr. King
Letter from the Birmingham Jail
Best selling books about Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Pornography and Prayer

How online porn may be providing the wings on which our prayers take flight. Read more.

The Date and Meaning of Epiphany 2018

Epiphany is celebrated on January 6, 2018, but what is the meaning of this great, Christian holiday? Read more ….

Most Popular Prayers of all Time

The Ten Most Popular Prayers of All Time
Well, actually, we’ve got twelve. But since two of today’s most popular prayers may not be on the list tomorrow, let’s call it ten. My selections include all time favorite and familiar prayers like the Lord’s Prayer, the Serenity Prayer, and the Prayer of St. Francis, along with the contemporary, and very popular prayer of Jabez and the Jelly Bean Prayer.

More prayers: some less popular but more powerful

Hitch Your Wagon To A Star

Hitch Your Wagon To A Star
Epiphany: Is It A Yonder Star We Follow, or An Inner Light

12 Days of Christmas?

Why Are There Twelve Days of Christmas?
Hint: It’s An Epiphany