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Women’s Ordination?

Many of us have been following Pope Francis, his progressive pronouncements, his call to interreligious dialogue, his commitment to the environment, his well received visit to the US with interest and enthusiasm. The great omission in the Pope’s agenda, thus far, has been any serious discussion of women’s ordination. Despite the fact that one of the gravest problems for the Church itself is the deficit of qualified priests, the topic of women’s ordination has yet to be addressed. Along with this, of course, would be the question of celibacy and the prohibition against priests being married.  All of this is ironic in the context of a Church in which there is a multitude of highly qualified people who would be eager to be ordained. Namely, within the ranks of the Church’s own religious orders. By allowing women’s ordination, the Church could, in one stroke, solve the problem of the shortage of priests. Further, by allowing priests to marry, the Vatican could affirm its commitment to “the family,” while incidentally providing for a large new source of Catholic children!

Should Francis decide to take this on, imagine this …. a massive meetup of Catholic priests and nuns willing to find a new life time companion, ready and eager to raise a brood of children while continuing in their sacramental vocations and expressing their fidelity in a way that results in a new generation of Catholics!  Would this not be a win-win-win situation, for the church as well as for the world at large?

There are, of course, many faithful Catholics who have been working on the issue of women’s ordination for several generations, including ….


What is Buddhism?

Can a religion without a formal notion of God be considered compatible with Christianity? Aside from the obvious differences, what are the points of fruitful dialogue between Buddhists and Christians?  More about Buddhism

Buddhist Holiday Calendar

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What is the date of Thanksgiving 2015?

One of the major holidays for most people in the US, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a tremendous holiday season lasting through New Year’s Day and combining elements sacred and secular.  As the first of these major holidays, it sometimes seems to creep up on us.  What is the date of Thanksgiving?  And what is the actual meaning of this magnificent holiday?  Read more …

The Most Inspirational Prayers

My selections include all time favorite and familiar prayers like the Lord’s Prayer, the Serenity Prayer, and the Prayer of St. Francis, along with the contemporary, and very popular prayer of Jabez and the Jelly Bean Prayer. Here you will find prayers for healing, prayers for use at mealtime and bedtime. While I have no scientific measure of how inspirational a  prayer might be, nor is popularity to be equated with quality, there is something about the following prayers that make them surely among the world’s most favorite.  Inspirational Prayers

Date of Thanksgiving

The Date of Thanksgiving 2015

Rosh Hashanah and other Jewish Holidays

Rosh Hashanah is Monday, Sept 14. It is followed by the Fast of Gedalliah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot.  For the full Jewish holiday calendar.

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Why People Lie About Their Faith

Sociologists have been aware for many years that people lie when asked about their sex life, finances, and sometimes their politics. It is perhaps more surprising that the tendency to lie is even greater when it comes to religious affiliation, church attendance and faith. I wonder why? Why People Lie About Their Religious Belief and Practice

The Sistine Chapel

Michelangelo Paintings from the Sistine Chapel
Come with us to Rome. Our image map brings you the painstakingly restored paintings of the Creation and Fall in one of the most beautiful settings anywhere. Under these images Popes are elected.

The Jesus Picture Gallery

The Gallery Tour
Whatever the skeptics and secularists have to say about it, Jesus is alive and well within popular culture. Magazines, radio, television, newspapers, billboards, roadside signs … and especially the Internet … are filled with images to satisfy the curiosity of the faithful. Pictures of Jesus proliferate and we have collected hundreds of them in our new Jesus Picture Gallery. The good, the bad and the ugly. While Muslims forbid publishing images of the Prophet: Christians, on the other hand, appear to have a ravenous appetite for images of the Savior, however tasteless. I’m not sure which is to be preferred: the feast or the famine. More on this topic.

The Most Popular Picture of Jesus

Warner Sallman’s “Head of Christ” is the most popular image of Jesus ever made. It is an icon of American culture. It also raises a host of questions about Christianity, the historical Jesus, and the faith of those who identify with this painting.  Check it out now.