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Looking Ahead: Mother’s Day 2017

Will the real Mother’s Day Please Stand Up?
Many people see Mother’s Day as a secular holiday, designed by the greeting card industry, promoted by restaurants, beloved by florists. Some clergy agree, objecting to the commercialism of the holiday. Does Mother’s Day have religious meaning? If so what is it? Just consider the witness of its founder, Anna Jarvis.



What is Buddhism?

Can a religion without a formal notion of God be considered compatible with Christianity? Aside from the obvious differences, what are the points of fruitful dialogue between Buddhists and Christians?  More about Buddhism

Buddhist Holiday Calendar

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Top Books About Buddhism

The Jesus Picture Gallery

The Gallery Tour
Whatever the skeptics and secularists have to say about it, Jesus is alive and well within popular culture. Magazines, radio, television, newspapers, billboards, roadside signs … and especially the Internet … are filled with images to satisfy the curiosity of the faithful. Pictures of Jesus proliferate and we have collected hundreds of them in our new Jesus Picture Gallery. The good, the bad and the ugly. While Muslims forbid publishing images of the Prophet: Christians, on the other hand, appear to have a ravenous appetite for images of the Savior, however tasteless. I’m not sure which is to be preferred: the feast or the famine. More on this topic.

Online Dictionary of the Bible

Bible Dictionary — World Wide Web Version
This classic reference work contains nearly 4000 entries providing definitions for the most frequently used words, proper names and place names in the Bible.

Jonah and the Whale?

Jonah and the great storm
Forget whales and such. The book of Jonah is relavant to anyone confronting the storms of life.

Religions of the World

What are the largest religions of the world? What are their membership statistics, relative size, locations, rankings? Find out now simply by looking at our tables, charts and maps. The Top Religions of the World

The Essence of Bias

From Walt Hickey of the Five Thirty Eight Newsletter: “When people claim to be Christian and commit violence in the name of Christianity, according to a recent poll, 75 percent Americans say that person wasn’t really Christian. But when people claim to be Muslim and commit violence in the name of Islam, 50 percent of Americans said that person isn’t really Muslim. [Public Religion Research Institute]”


What is the date of Easter 2017?

The date of Easter in 2017 is April 16 for most Protestants and Catholics. This year for Eastern Orthodox Christians it is also April 16.

For an explanation of how the date of Easter is calculated and the date of Easter in future years, continue reading.

For a calculator that will help you find the date of Easter for any year, click here.

On the lighter side ……

The Biblical Concept of Marriage: Warning, Some Revisions Necessary

Speeder Fanagles Way Out of Ticket: A Parable for Our Time

Bible Riddles

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