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Better Lovers?

Do Christians Make Better Lovers?
As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’d all like a little more love in our lives. Young or old, single or married, gay or straight. But is it possible the one’s spiritual life may in fact open a door that leads to a more satisfying love life. I think it can! Here’s why.

Easter Blend

EasterBlendLast Christmas, some Christians were outraged when Starbucks removed reindeer and ornaments from its holiday coffee cups.  They accused the coffee giant of launching a new front on the “war on Christmas.”  We noticed, however, that unlike other businesses, the company did call its seasonal coffee, “Christmas Blend,” not shying away from the religious terminology. The simplicity of the red cups appealed to our eyes, even though red is not, in fact, the liturgical color of Christmas.  Our satire on this kerfluffle was titled “Starbucks Redeemed!”

Preempting a renewal of such controversy this Easter, we suggest there is nothing wrong with the idea of finishing a holiday dinner with some quality java. After all, the risen Christ shared a meal with two of his disciples after he appeared to them on the road to Emmaus.  Could they have ended that meal with a cup of coffee?  We don’t actually know whether people of the ancient near east brewed coffee, though the drink does seem to have originated in North Africa and its use spread via trade routes leading through biblical lands. So perhaps Starbucks should bring back those red cups or introduce an “Easter Blend.”  Whatever the company decides, we can imagine that the same Jesus who turned water into wine, could have produced a brew that was truly “out of this world.” Hence our suggestion for an “Easter Blend,” a collage combining early Christian art with contemporary coffee mugs.



Celebrating Valentine’s Day

“All the world needs now is love, sweet love,” wrote the songwriter. But what kind of love is required for the living of these days. Some thoughts about Valentine’s Day.

Poetry, Prayers and Readings for your loved one.
Verses from the Bible About Love

And now for something on the lighter side: Valentine’s Day Humor

Christian Symbols

Christianity is, and always has been, a faith that finds expression in highly visual ways … through painting and sculpture, image, icon, symbol, design, and other non-verbal means. We take a look at the principal varieties of Christian symbolism, both traditional and contemporary.
Sources of Symbolism in Christianity

What kind of a Jew is Bernie Sanders?

A very interesting question.  And a very good answer here:




When Does Life Begin?

Once again the debate over abortion is a key factor in US culture wars and political debate. In much of this discussion it is taken as a given that the “Bible teaches life begins at conception.” In fact, the Bible teaches no such thing. Let’s take a closer look at what the Bible actually affirms about the origins of human life. … When Does Life Begin?

Who is the blondest?



Does it come down to this?  Really?


Humor for My Valentine

To My Valentine, The Most Beautiful Woman in the World

And other recent additions to our humor page

Christian Humor: Honk if you Love Jesus

Grandma’s Letter Honk if you love Jesus … and other humor at the GodWeb. Contrary to popular opinion, Christian humor is not an oxymoron … it is not even moronic. And more great humor.

What is the date of Easter 2016?

The date of Easter in 2016 is March 27 for most Protestants and Catholics. This year for Eastern Orthodox Christians it is May 1st.

For an explanation of how the date of Easter is calculated and the date of Easter in future years, continue reading.

For a calculator that will help you find the date of Easter for any year, click here.