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The Essence of Bias

From Walt Hickey of the Five Thirty Eight Newsletter: “When people claim to be Christian and commit violence in the name of Christianity, according to a recent poll, 75 percent Americans say that person wasn’t really Christian. But when people claim to be Muslim and commit violence in the name of Islam, 50 percent of Americans said that person isn’t really Muslim. [Public Religion Research Institute]”


What is the date of Easter 2017?

The date of Easter in 2017 is April 16 for most Protestants and Catholics. This year for Eastern Orthodox Christians it is also April 16.

For an explanation of how the date of Easter is calculated and the date of Easter in future years, continue reading.

For a calculator that will help you find the date of Easter for any year, click here.

On the lighter side ……

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Humor for My Valentine

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Valentine’s Day Cookbooks

One way to make your Valentine’s Day both delicious and beautiful is to cook a great meal for the one you love.  Here are some outstanding cookbooks to help you do just that.

Hindu and Indian Baby Names

Check them out now ….

Prayer for Valentine’s Day

Check out our collection of Prayers for the One you Love on Valentine’s Day.  Prayers for My Valentine

The Paradox of Valentine’s Day

It  is a strange holiday indeed that turns our thoughts towards love, and most often,  romantic love, but at the same time bears the name of a Catholic saint and martyr:  Saint Valentine.

I can think of nothing that more clearly reflects the  often strained relationship between spirituality and sexuality in Christian faith  and practice, than this.  Read more …..

Celebrating Valentine’s Day 2017

“All the world needs now is love, sweet love,” wrote the songwriter. But what kind of love is required for the living of these days. Some thoughts about Valentine’s Day.

Poetry, Prayers and Readings for your loved one.
Verses from the Bible About Love

And now for something on the lighter side: Valentine’s Day Humor

Prayers and Readings for a Funeral

A loved one dies.  You need to help plan or participate in the funeral or memorial service.

This may help:

Funeral Prayers

Prayers, Poety, Familiar Quotations

Readings From the Bible

A Prayer for those facing death

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