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Christmas and Hanukkah to Merge!

If airlines, computer makers and telecom companies are doing it, why not religions? Christmas and Hanukkah to Merge!

Starbucks Redeemed!

After suffering stiff criticism from some Christians for eliminating snow flakes from it seasonal coffee cups, the caffeine giant has come out with its Christmas blend 2016. No punches pulled here, fellow Christians. Starbucks doesn’t resort to euphemisms like “holiday blend,” or “winter blend.” It’s the flat out Christmas blend at Starbucks. Why aren’t the Christian critics cheering? Even the baby Jesus is pumped!
Footnote. It is curious that the Christian critics of Starbucks didn’t complain about Starbuck’s choice of colors. The seasonal colors for Advent and Christmas are NOT red and green. Advent is purple or blue, Christmas is white or gold. Meanwhile red is reserved for Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Pentecost, All Saints Day and Thanksgiving. Just Sayin.

The date and meaning of Advent

What is Advent and when does it begin?

Advent is the season before Christmas and the beginning of a new ecclesiastical year.  In Western Christendom, four Sundays are included. In Eastern Christendom, the season is longer and begins in the middle of November. In 2016, Advent begins on November 27th for Protestants and most Catholics.  For Easterm Orthodox Christians, Advent begins  on November 15.

At Heaven’s Gate
The challenge is not how to be happy when things are going well, but rather, how to thrive in the face of adversity. This question, the season of Advent, powerfully addresses, making its message totally relevant for the living of these days. Read more.

For the full Christian calendar and more about the holidays of Christianity

Thanksgiving Prayers

Thanksgiving is not about turkey.  While families will certainly gather for meals of many types in an increasingly diverse USA, this holiday is primarily about giving thanks to God, not only for the blessings of life, but for life itself.  Here is a list of the most popular prayers of and for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving: Mirror Unto the Soul

Thanksgiving: Mirror Unto The Soul of a Nation
“A nation divided cannot stand,” said Abraham Lincoln, paraphrasing Scripture. But with a bit of luck, some ordinary patience and understanding, and a touch of grace, it can. Here’s how.

Prayers For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Cook Books

When considering how to celebrate the holiday, in addition to the prayers and thoughts suggested earlier, you may also appreciate some help in preparing the food!  We’d be remiss in not suggesting some resources to help you prepare a delicious Thanksgiving meal.

666: The Number of the Beast and other humor


666: Having some fun with the number of the Beast

And more recent humor


The Date of Halloween in 2016 is Monday, October 31st.
It is one of those holidays that never disappoints, always occuring on the same date.

Holiday in Need of Renovation
Given its pagan roots, some think it evil. We disagree and examine its deeper meaning, religious roots, and contemporary significance, including practical ideas on how to celebrate it today. Renovating Halloween

Halloween: A Pagan Perspective

One reader reacted strongly to my Halloween piece. Since her retort was so well written and so thoughtful, I’ve included her entire rebuttal here.

Rosh Hashanah and other Jewish Holidays

Rosh Hashanah is Monday, October 3rd. It is followed by the Fast of Gedalliah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot.  For the full Jewish holiday calendar.

For more about Judaism, check out some of these currently available books.

Wedding Planner

So you are thinking about getting married.  …  Here are a few things to think about before you decide, and the tools you need to plan a wedding ceremony if you decided to get married.  Wedding planner.