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Starbucks Redeemed!

After suffering stiff criticism from some Christians for eliminating snow flakes from it seasonal coffee cups, the caffeine giant has come out with its Christmas blend 2015. No punches pulled here, fellow Christians. Starbucks doesn’t resort to euphemisms like “holiday blend,” or “winter blend.” It’s the flat out Christmas blend at Starbucks. Why aren’t the Christian critics cheering? Even the baby Jesus is pumped!
Footnote. It is curious that the Christian critics of Starbucks didn’t complain about Starbuck’s choice of colors. The seasonal colors for Advent and Christmas are NOT red and green. Advent is purple or blue, Christmas is white or gold. Meanwhile red is reserved for Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Pentecost, All Saints Day and Thanksgiving. Just Sayin.
starbucks redeemed

Prayers for Peace

In a time of terror and war, prayers for peace arise from the lips of citizens in all countries and from adherents of all faiths.

Here are just a few of our favorites.

Scapegoating the Victims

Huckabee, Cruz, even Bush saying that the refugees from terror in Syria should not be allowed in the US!  Whatever happened to “give me your tired, your poor, your restless, wretched yearning to be free?”  Has the Statue of Liberty been replaced by a wall? A moat?  We can’t surrender our values to the terrorists, or we are lost.



The Essence of Thanksgiving

Suddenly it’s upon us. It seems only yesterday that we were back from our summer vacations, and the long weeks of fall seemed to stretch before us almost without end. But now it’s practically Thanksgiving, and Christmas is soon to follow.

As Thanksgiving draws near, we are very much aware of the arrangements that must be made for the celebration. Grocery shopping, guests to be invited, travel arrangements to be confirmed, calculations on the cooking of the bird. For most of us the machinery of Thanksgiving has already been set into motion, and in just a few days we will sit down to share a Thanksgiving supper. But as Christians we must ask, what is the inner meaning of this holiday?  Read more ….

Thanksgiving Cook Books

When considering how to celebrate the holiday, in addition to the prayers and thoughts suggested earlier, you may also appreciate some help in preparing the food!  We’d be remiss in not suggesting some resources to help you prepare a delicious Thanksgiving meal.

Online Dictionary of the Bible

Bible Dictionary — World Wide Web Version
This classic reference work contains nearly 4000 entries providing definitions for the most frequently used words, proper names and place names in the Bible.

Thanksgiving Quotes

Some famous, some funny; some inspirational, some memorable and some forgettable.  See them all here …..

Thanksgiving Prayers

Thanksgiving is not about turkey.  While families will certainly gather for meals of many types in an increasingly diverse USA, this holiday is primarily about giving thanks to God, not only for the blessings of life, but for life itself.  Here is a list of the most popular prayers of and for Thanksgiving.

What is the date of Thanksgiving 2015?

One of the major holidays for most people in the US, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a tremendous holiday season lasting through New Year’s Day and combining elements sacred and secular.  As the first of these major holidays, it sometimes seems to creep up on us.  What is the date of Thanksgiving?  And what is the actual meaning of this magnificent holiday?  Read more …

Women’s Ordination?

Many of us have been following Pope Francis, his progressive pronouncements, his call to interreligious dialogue, his commitment to the environment, his well received visit to the US with interest and enthusiasm. The great omission in the Pope’s agenda, thus far, has been any serious discussion of women’s ordination. Despite the fact that one of the gravest problems for the Church itself is the deficit of qualified priests, the topic of women’s ordination has yet to be addressed. Along with this, of course, would be the question of celibacy and the prohibition against priests being married.  All of this is ironic in the context of a Church in which there is a multitude of highly qualified people who would be eager to be ordained. Namely, within the ranks of the Church’s own religious orders. By allowing women’s ordination, the Church could, in one stroke, solve the problem of the shortage of priests. Further, by allowing priests to marry, the Vatican could affirm its commitment to “the family,” while incidentally providing for a large new source of Catholic children!

Should Francis decide to take this on, imagine this …. a massive meetup of Catholic priests and nuns willing to find a new life time companion, ready and eager to raise a brood of children while continuing in their sacramental vocations and expressing their fidelity in a way that results in a new generation of Catholics!  Would this not be a win-win-win situation, for the church as well as for the world at large?

There are, of course, many faithful Catholics who have been working on the issue of women’s ordination for several generations, including ….