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Should Christians Target Jews For Conversion?

There is a unique relationship between Christianity and Judaism. Jesus was a Jew who never rejected Judaism though he had some strong criticisms of the leaders of organized Judaism in his day. The same can be said of the Apostle Paul. Indeed, for several decades after the crucifixion, the Jesus movement can be seen as a reform movment within Judaism.

It is not at all clear that Jesus saw his mission as involving the establishment of a new religion. Rather, like the prophets before him, his task was to encourage others in following the way and the will of God, repairing the world, and relating with love, mercy and justice to one's fellow human beings.

Further, I find several important passages in the Bible that refer to God's covenant with the Jews as being eternal. Also, Paul refers to prior generations of Jews as having been "saved by faith," even though it is clear, these people could not have known Jesus. Cases in point: Abraham, Moses and Elijah.

What then, of the New Testament call to preach the gospel to all people?

This I affirm, and I am fully committed to sharing my own faith with others. Still, when we share the "good news" as we have come to understand it as Christians, I find that what makes for effective communication is being prepared to listen, and understand where another person is coming from, before opening one's own mouth. If you are intent upon "teaching" others, the best way to go about it is by being prepared to learn.

Moreover, I hope that Jews, as well as those holding to other religious traditions, would want to share their faith and their traditions with me. I believe that it is in the context of such a free exchange of ideas and beliefs that all parties can learn and grow. And I am completely convinced that as people of different faith traditions learn from each other, God's truth will prevail.

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Charles Henderson

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