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Top Christmas Presents

You're running out of time. But you still want to buy a Christmas present for a friend or loved one that conveys the spirit of this holiday, as well as your good feelings for the recipient. All of these CD's, books, DVD's, Bibles, or books related to the Bible would be relatively easy to find at the last minute and still be as meaningful as you'd like your gift to be ... all without breaking your budget.

Top Christmas Music CD's

Christmas is known for its music. During the season people flock to church for a performance of sacred music or to sing a few carols with friends. Why not bring the glory of the season into your own home? These CD's are sure to uplift and inspire, filling your home with joy!

Top Christmas Music CD's

Top Bible and Bible Related Books

Nothing could contribute more to a person's long term spiritual health than an excellent edition of the Bible ... and the appropriate tools to interpret it. Having a Bible around the house which is never read benefits no one. Here's my recommendation on the very best Bible out there for study and reflection, and a shelf full of books to unlock its secrets.

Top Bible and Bible Related Books

Top Videos with Spiritual Substance

If you want a Christmas gift that you can share why not consider giving a video that communicates something particularly meaningful to you. This way you can discuss it with your friend of loved one. Plus, a good movie can be a permanent part of one's collection, or eventually passed along to another, thus perpetuating the value of your gift for a long time to come.

Movies That Matter

Top Books for Progressive Christians

If you don't like to encounter difficult ideas or engage in controversy, don't even think about reading these books. On the other hand, if you are interested in learning what's happening at the forward edge of thought within Christianity, try reading any of these books: all are highly recommended for thoughtful, progressive Christians.

Top Books for Progressive Christians

Top Relief and Development Agencies

Also, you might want to consider making a contribution to a disaster relief or development agency that will channel your gift to those who need it even more than your dearest friends and relatives. Make a gift in the name of someone you love or admire and let them know about you generosity.

Major World Relief and Development Agencies

Further ... not every gift will cost money. One of the greatest, is the gift of prayer. Here is a list of prayers you could recite at Christmas, either alone, as a gift for your self, or with friends and family, as a gift of love.

Top Christmas prayers

More about Christmas and how to celebrate it.

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