Life is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Where is the “right to life” movement when we need it? Recent research shows that the average American is spending more than eight hours every day in front of an LCD screen, and more than five hours sitting passively in front of a television set. When one spends nearly one third of one’s available time in any activity (and I am not sure that TV viewing can be described as an “activity”) then it is not too harsh to suggest that one is involved in an addiction. The latest research shows that television viewing is America’s drug of choice. It’s may also be the greatest destroyer of the hearts, and especially the minds of the people. Literally, an angel of death. It is a form of slavery, scandalous and shocking in the “land of the free and the home of the brave.” Read more.

About the author

Charles is a Presbyterian minister, writer, editor, activist, publisher and public theologian.

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