A Right to Life?

There may be a “right to life” but there isn’t a right to be subborn or stupid.  (As for whether there is a right to life, I think of life as a privilege and a blessing, but that’s for another day.) Following the passage of the health care legislation … surely the most pro-life, pro-health legislation that has come out of Congress in decades, I am being deluged by email from so-called “Right to Life” organizations outraged by this legislation.  Given that it is perfectly clear that no federal funding under this legislation will be provided for abortions, I keep wondering why.  My conclusion.  These folks just won’t quit until abortion is entirely criminalized.  The mere thought that one might be recieving ANY benefit from government on the one hand and then turning around and being able to pay for an abortion, even though it is perfectly legal to do so, is an abomination to these folks.  By the standard they are using, even social security should be considered anti-life because someone, somewhere who is receiving social security benefits could use those federal dollars to pay for an abortion.  Likewise, someone who is receiving a student loan, or a deduction on home mortgage interest, and as a result has enough money to pay for an abortion, is doing so as a result of federal funding.   This is a totalitarian view of right and wrong, plain and simple.

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Charles is a Presbyterian minister, writer, editor, activist, publisher and public theologian.

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