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The Paradox of Valentine’s Day

It  is a strange holiday indeed that turns our thoughts towards love, and most often,  romantic love, but at the same time bears the name of a Catholic saint and martyr:  Saint Valentine. I can think of nothing that more clearly reflects the  often strained relationship between spirituality and sexuality in Christian faith  and practice, […]

Wedding Planner

So you are thinking about getting married.  …  Here are a few things to think about before you decide, and the tools you need to plan a wedding ceremony if you decided to get married.  Wedding planner.

A Biblical View of Marriage

Warning: Updates may be required!

Gay Marriage

The Blessings of Gay Marriage You’ve heard all the arguments pro and con, now hear this. After reading the article, you may want to vote in our poll and participate in the discussion: Gay Marriage is … Follow up article: Gay Marriage: The Debate Continues

So you are thinking about getting married?

Wedding Planner So you are thinking about getting married? Our wedding planner has all the vital information … from finding the right church to designing the ceremony. But most important. Before getting into the practical detail: Why marriage? Readings for your Wedding Marriage Ceremony: Traditional Service for Ecumenical and Interfaith Couples Marriage Ceremony: Contemporary Service […]

Wedding Planner

It’s Spring; You’re in Love … and thinking about getting married: Try our Wedding Planner Just looking for something beautiful to read to the one you love: Here are some suggestions: great poetry and such The Complete Bible Guide To Love and Sex Bible Verses About Love

Love and Sex

The Complete Biblical Guide To Love and Sex In the midst of our current culture wars about homosexuality and other hot button topics, with adversaries hurling Bible passages at each other like spears in battle, some very basic values are lost. I try to recapture the basic biblical principles in a few short paragraphs … […]

The US Senate kills ban on Gay Marriage

US Senate Turns Back Gay Marriage Ban The US Senate has defeated a proposed constitutional amendment that would prohibit voters in any state or city in the republic from recognizing gay marriage or even civil unions, even though there are millions of Americans now living faithfully in such relationships, attending our churches, raising children and […]