The US Senate kills ban on Gay Marriage

US Senate Turns Back Gay Marriage Ban
The US Senate has defeated a proposed constitutional amendment that would prohibit voters in any state or city in the republic from recognizing gay marriage or even civil unions, even though there are millions of Americans now living faithfully in such relationships, attending our churches, raising children and contributing to our communities in ways that are beyond measure. Proponents of the amendment put forward the argument against gay marriage in the most alarmist language possible. But strong language could not defeat a sense of decency and fairness. Thank God. Having heard all the arguments against gay marriage, I invite you to consider this …

The Blessings of Gay Marriage
Here is the single most important argument for gay marriage

Gay Marriage: The Debate Continues
A ban on gay marriage confronts a powerful argument on the ground: the presence of same sex families with lots and lots of children.

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Charles is a Presbyterian minister, writer, editor, activist, publisher and public theologian.

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