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Jeff's Afghan Diary: Running Low on Water
May 25, 2007

         We just got word we’ll be heading back to Waza Khwa in the morning - the 508th Infantry Platoon will be arriving to replace the 82nd folks here, so we’ll go back and resupply when the 82nd leaves.  We’ll be back to continue or training of the ABP as soon as we can.

      So far, we’ve trained the ABP on some Army Infantry techniques, like how to react when ambushed, how to move towards the enemy while under fire, basic field sanitation and health, basic first aid for combat casualties, and basic vehicle maintenance.  Not bad for a start, but we still have a lot of training to go.  Unfortunately, we haven’t been told what the ABP needs to know, or even what training they have already received, for that matter (we don’t even know exactly what their mission is!), so we’ve been deciding what we as the ETT team think would be useful for them to know and learn.  The ABP have been very responsive, and soak up our training like sponges.  Their commander says this is likely the most education most of them have received, so they are appreciative.

      Yesterday, we were “volunteered” to cook dinner, so I made pasta and spaghetti sauce.  We spiced it up real nice, and everyone raved about it.  It’s nice to do something for the “Joes” once in a while.  The Army terms the junior Soldiers “Joes” - it’s a nickname that’s been around for a long time.  It refers to anyone E-4 or below, usually Privates and PFC’s.

      We’ve been running low on water, so keeping clean has been difficult.  Water is reserved for drinking now, since our only water supply is the bottled water we have stored in the water CONEX.  We have been told a civilian helicopter should be coming with a resupply of water, but now it’s a moot point - we’re out of here early tomorrow.  At least in Wazaq Khwa I’ll be able to get a shower, clean my clothes and get a haircut.  We’ll have phone and Internet service, too.  Which means folks back home will once again be able to read some more of these articles I keep writing!

-- Jeff Courter

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