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Jeff's Afghan Diary: The Death of a Comrade
July 12, 2007

      We rolled in to Waza Khwa a couple days ago, and got here right at the end of the memorial service for the MP Sergeant that was killed in the IED blast several days ago.  There was an honor guard that fired a salute, taps was played, and roll call taken.  His picture was placed outside the command center.  It was a sad moment for his comrades.

      We are getting ready to head back to Do China – we have heard reports that the Taliban have brought reinforcements into the area that we were attacked in.  We are also making our own plans to let them know we don’t appreciate their presence.

      Speaking of plans to stop the enemy, the MP’s have some plans of their own to go into the village closest to where the IED was planted.  The enemy cannot operate without someone nearby knowing something about what they do, so the MP’s will go into every house and stay in the area until either the local villagers get tired of being continually searched and decide to provide some information to the MP’s to get them to leave.

      Unfortunately, there are some people who don’t respond to reason; they only understand and respond to a blunt display of force.  But force can be very convincing.

      The MP’s are understandably mad and upset at the death of one of their own.  I would not want to be one of the villagers who oppose them.

-- Jeff Courter

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