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Jeff's Afghan Diary: The Uses of Baby Wipes
October 14, 2007

      I’ve been washing my hair with baby wipes lately, since the pump has been broken and therefore the shower is without water.  It isn’t a very effective cleanser, but it’s better than leaving my hair dirty, dusty and greasy.

      We get lots of baby wipes over here from back home.  They are poor substitutes for soap and water, but sometimes water is in short supply, and it becomes disgusting not to wash, even for hardened Soldiers.  Feet stink, and when everyone in your living space can smell your foot odor, using baby wipes becomes a requirement.

      But baby wipes leaves a distinct feel to your hair.  Usually there are emollients and lotions in the wipes which leave a residue in your hair.  Lately, my hair has felt like I’ve been conditioning it with concrete mix.  But still, it’s better than nothing.

      I’ve been growing my hair out a bit lately (which is why I bother to wash it at all) because it’s been getting colder here.  I figure that I could use the extra layer of thermal cover on top of my head to help keep me warm when I need it.

      It’s still very warm here during the daytime, but when the sun goes down, it’s been getting cold.  We’ve been planning to go on another mission up into the mountains sometime soon, and I know from experience that it gets very cold up there where the wind blows.  If my slightly longer hair helps me eve a little, I’ll be happy.

      Meanwhile, I’ll continue to use the baby wipes for my bath, even though it leaves my hair sticky.

-- Jeff Courter

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