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Online Bible Atlas

Readers of the Bible quickly recognize that the number of place names and locations mentioned in the text -- most of them unfamiliar -- is stupifying. The geographical references range eastward as far as India and westward to Spain. Between these limits, the Middle East itself contains numerous states, cities, villages, mountains, rivers ... many of the names have changed from century to century. Thus, in order to have a grasp of what is happening in a particular text, it is extremely helpful to have a set of maps, so that you can follow the narrative in your mind's eye.

Our Online Bible Atlas includes most, if not all, of the higher resolution maps available online now. Most of them are in the public domain and can be freely copied for your own use.

Bible Maps from the American Bible Society
This is a collection, scanned from an 1888 edition of the Bible, published by the American Bible Society. These images are in the public domain and you can use them for any purpose.

Smith Bible Atlas
Probably the best, high resultion maps illustrating the Bible now in the public domain. Each map is reproduced here in low and high resolution versions, the high-res versions are suitable for printing.

The Spread of Christianity in the first and second centuries

Paul's Missionary Journey's

Israel in the first century

Ancient Bethlehem

Ancient Jerusalem

Ancient Jerusalem Map
Covers Jerusalem in the time of the Herod.

Battlefields of Hebrew Bible and Locations of the Twelve Tribes
Covers Palestine in the time of the Judges.

The World as known to the Ancient Hebrews

Nazareth in the time of Jesus

New Testament Jerusalem

The Galilee Region in the time of Jesus

Trade Routes of the First Century

Asia Minor under the Greeks and Romans

The Sinai, Egypt and the Red Sea

The Middle East Today

Space Radar image of Jerusalem and the Red Sea

Hard Copy Bible Atlases in print and out of print
If you can't find the maps you need online now, you might consider ordering one of the better Bible Atlases in print now. Use our search engine to find one that meets your needs.

Maps relating to the Bible found on other sites:

CIA Atlas of the Middle East
The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection. The University of Texas at Austin

Classical Atlas Project
Atlas of the Greek and Roman World.

Interactive Ancient Mediterranean
High Resolution PDF relief maps for download and printable. The Aegean Sea and Greece, Africa, Asia Minor, Britain and Ireland, Northern Gaul, The Iberian Peninsula, The Italian Peninsula, The Levantine Coast, The Mediterranean Basin. [IAM]

A simple political map, comprehensive data, and flag from the CIA World Factbook. [maps]

Jerusalem in Old Maps and Views
An exhibit from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Map of Ancient Rome 117 AD
This map shows the greatest extent of the Roman empire c117 AD. [from ThinkQuest]

Finally, for something completely different, this site uses Google Maps in connection with the full text of the Bible to allow site visitors to make a customized map of every place name found in the Bible, both ancient and modern.

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