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Jewish or Hebrew Baby Names
Names for Boys

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Jewish or Hebrew Baby Names for Girls

Background reading: What is Judaism?

Name Meaning
Aaron shining light, high mountain, messenger 
Abbott father 
Abdiel servent of god 
Abel breath, child 
Abie father or mother of many 
Abijah The Lord is my father 
Abner father of light 
Abraham father of a multitude 
Abram Exalted Father
Abrasha father 
Acacio the Lord holds 
Adam earth, created by God 
Addai man of god 
Addo happy, ornament 
Adlai my witness, refuge of god 
Adley just 
Admon red peony 
Adon lord 
Ahab uncle 
Ahmik strength of gods flock 
Aitan fights of possession 
Amiel god of my people 
Amos troubled 
Ardon bronze 
Ari lion 
Armon castle 
Arnon rushing stream 
Asher fortunate, lucky, blessed, happy 
Axel divine reward; divine source of life 
Barabas Barabba 
Barnabas son of prophecy 
Barnabas, Barnaby Son of Prophecy
Bartholomew furrow, hill 
Baruch blessed 
Benjamin son of my right hand 
Benson Ben's son, excellent son 
Beryl dazzling jewel 
Brighton the one who is loved 
Britt the helpful one 
Cain craftsman 
Caleb bold, dog 
Chaika life 
Chaim life 
Dagan grain or corn 
Daniel my judge is the Lord 
David beloved one 
Doron gift 
Dov bear 
Eban stone 
Ebenezer Rock of Help
Eden delightful, adornment, paradise 
Eisig he who laughs 
Eli elevation 
Eli, Ely The Highest
Elias Jehovah is God
Elijah Jehovah is god 
Eliot hight 
Elkan he belongs to god 
Elliott, Elijah Jehovah is God
Emanuel god is with us 
Emmanuel God is With Us
Ephraim very fruitful 
Ethan strong, firm, constant 
Ethel noble 
Ezekiel strength of God 
Ezio friend, lover 
Ezra helper, salvation 
Gabai delight, adornment 
Gabriel God is my strength 
Genesis origin 
Gersham Exiled
Gideon mighty warrior 
Hans God's Gracious Gift
Hiram Exalted
Hosea Salvation
Hyman Life
Ichabod Glory has Departed
Isaac laughing one 
Isaiah salvation of the Lord 
Israel prince of God, may God reign 
Itzak laughter 
Jacob held by the heel 
James supplanter 
Jared one who rules 
Jarlath a tributary lord 
Jaron to cry out, singing 
Jason, Jay God is my Savior
Jedidiah beloved of the Lord 
Jeremiah exalted of the Lord 
Jeremiah, Jeremy God Exalts
Jeremy God will uplift, appointed by God 
Jesse wealthy 
Jesus God will help 
Joakim the Lord will judge 
Job The Persecuted
Joel God is willing, Jehova is the Lord 
John God is merciful 
Jonah a dove 
Jonas Dove
Jonathan God gives 
Jordan to descend, to flow 
Jorgen farmer 
Joseph God will increase 
Joseph, Joey, Joe God Multiplies
Joshua Jehova saves 
Josiah fire of the Lord 
Judd praised 
Jude praise 
Justin just, true 
Kabos swindler 
Kaniel stalk, reed 
Kenan possession 
Laban White
Label lion 
Lazarus God's help 
Lemuel devoted to God, beloging to God 
Leshem precious stone 
Levi united 
Lot Veiled
Malachi messenger of God 
Mario bitter, king-ruler 
Marion bitter 
Matai gift of God 
Matthew Gift of the Lord
Mehetabel favoured by God, God is doing good 
Mendel wisdom; repairer 
Michael who is like God 
Mihaly who is like God? 
Mordecai warrior 
Moses saved; child; taken from water 
Nachmanke compassionate one, one who comforts 
Nadav nobel, a generous one 
Nathaniel gift of God 
Nathaniel, Nathan Gift of God
Nehemiah God's compassion 
Nirel God's field 
Nisi emblem 
Noadiah God assembles 
Noah comfort, wanderer 
Obadiah servant of God 
Omar first son, disciple; gifted speaker; famous 
Oran pale one; pine 
Oren ash-tree, pale; pine tree 
Osaze favoured by God 
Osborne soldier of God 
Oz strength 
Palti my escape 
Ranen joyous 
Raphael healed by God 
Ravid wander 
Reuben behold, a son 
Reuel friend of God 
Rishon first 
Roni shout for joy, my song of joy 
Ruben beholf of a son 
Sachiel angel of water 
Sagiv mighty, with strength 
Saloman peaceful 
Sam to hear 
Samson like the sun, his ministry 
Samson, Sam Bright as the Sun
Samuel his name is God 
Saul asked for 
Seff a wolf 
Seraphim burning ones, angels, ardent 
Seth appointed one 
Shulamith peaceful 
Simon he who hears 
Sivan the ninth month 
Solomon Peaceful
Talman to injure, to oppress 
Teman right hand, south 
Temani of Teman 
Thaddeus Praise be to God
Timur iron 
Tivon lover of nature 
Tobias God is good 
Toby God is Good
Tovi good 
Udeh praise 
Uri light 
Uriah God is light 
Uriel light of God 
Uzi My Strength
Vered Rose
Yadid Friend, Beloved
Yadon he will judge 
Yakov the supplanter, held by the heel 
Yan God's grace 
Yanis God's gift 
Yarin to understand 
Yaron He will Sing
Yehudi praise god, a man from Judah, a jew 
Zabulon to exhalt, honor 
Zaccheo the one God remembers 
Zachariah Remembered by the Lord
Zachary God remembers, renowned by God 
Zakai innocent, one who is pure 
Zane God's grace, sea-friend 
Zared Ambush
Zazu movement 
Zebadiah Gift of the Lord
Zebediah God's Gift
Zebulon home 
Zedekiah justice of the lord 
Zephan treasured by God 
Zev deer, wolf 
Ziff wolf 
Zion a sign 
Ziv very bright 

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