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Charles is a Presbyterian minister, writer, editor, activist, publisher and public theologian.


  1. I am not a Christian, but stumbled on your site surfing for some info on Paul Tillich. I am totally confused by Pres. Bush, who has stated that Jesus Christ has been the most influential person in his life. Does our president believe that an egg fertilized in a petri dish is more sacred than innocent lives in Israel and Lebanon? If he was speaking face-to-face with Jesus, would Jesus tell him it was OK to torture people? I simply can’t get my head around it, and if Pres. Bush is supposed to be a testimony to the Christian faith, I don’t think he is persuading anyone.

  2. I share your consternation about Bush. He seems to care for the fetus as well as brain dead patients, while being perfectly willing to launch wars in which tens of thousands of innocent people die and execute criminals even when there seems to be reasonable doubt about their guilt. These inconsistencies are not only contrary to the teachings of Jesus as I understand them, they also defy ordinary human logic and common sense.

  3. thanks for your reply. Are their Christians who are asking these questions and/or why isn’t he being asked these questions in the political arena by people of faith? I do think it is not outrageous to ask these questions (though I can see that they might be offensive to some); but he is the one who has put his faith on the table to explain some of his decisions and as a reason to vote for him. It is not my intent to be aggresseve nor yelling in his face of anything; I just don’t understand. And what happened to the ‘compassionate conservative’? Sorry, don’t mean to vent. . .

    oh, and on the mention of the Terry Schiavo case. It broke my heart. It seems like the politicians and media were both horribly manipultative.
    thanks to the webguy for posting my previous comment.

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