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Is God a Republican?

Is God a Republican …. or a Democrat? In the US, the name of God is routinely invoked, even in the most partisan contexts, including political rallies at the local level and the national conventions of both parties. The intent seems to be that God will look with favor upon the cause of a particular […]

Abraham Lincoln’s God

Abraham Lincoln’s God During a presidential election year, when politicians tend to invoke the name of God for partisan purposes, or “explain” various tragedies by blaming both God and the victims, Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address offers a refreshing alternative.

The 400 Pound Hacker from Jersey; Strange but True

The press and large segments of the public are curious about the “400 pound man sitting on his bed in Jersey,” whom our president-elect keeps mentioning as the possible hacker who tipped the scales in the 2016 Presidential election against Clinton and in favor of Trump. Wonder no more. I refer to him as “Uncle […]

Pope suggests Donald Trump is “Not a Christian.”

In one of the more refreshing and controversial comments he has made to date, Pope Francis, stepped in to the middle of US Presidential politics, suggesting that Donald Trump is “not a Christian,” for focusing on building walls, rather than bridges between peoples.  Check it out here. While the phrase “not a Christian” may seem harsh […]

The New Tan Man

We are already missing, John Boehner, who resigned from Congress last fall,  after a distinguished career. Whatever readers my think about his record in Congress, everyone marveled at his perpetual tan. So much so that people often referred to him as the Tan Man.  How did a guy from Ohio, who spent most of his career in Washington, DC, maintain a […]

Is God a Republican?

Or a Democrat?  If you think the question is absurd, hard-to-answer, obvious or irrelevant, think again.  Read more.

Left Behind: Bad Fiction, Bad Faith

Left Behind: Bad Fiction, Bad Faith Given the popularity and persistence of “biblical prophecy” thinking that packages paranoia as faith and sees in first century sacred texts accurate predictions of 21st century catastrophe, let’s take a closer look at the series of best-selling books that has fed the fantasies: the “Left Behind” novels of Tim […]

Franklin Graham and Rick Santorum Vie For Stone Casters of the Year

If you saw Franklin Graham on Morning Joe earlier this week, you saw him imply that President Obama is a Muslim even while avoiding saying so directly.  It was a spectacle of smarmy inuendo.  Tell @samaritanspurse to fire @franklin_graham for spreading lies about Obama’s faith: http://t.co/aT4QgAun Rick Santorum didn’t do any better during the debate last […]

Faith Based Politics?

What Would a Faith Based Politics Actually Look Like? Given the invocation of the name of God in political campaigns, especially during a presidential election year, with nearly every candidate ending every speech with the phrase “God Bless America,” one might well ask what a faith based politics might actually look like. In recent years, it […]

A Wall That Should Not Fall

A Wall That Should Not Fall Monica Goodling, a graduate of Pat Robertson’s Regent Law School thought that the wall of separation between church and state was a “fiction” and proceeded to hire fellow believers for positions in the White House and at the Justice Department … not so much because of their politics, as […]