Is God a Republican?

Is God a Republican …. or a Democrat?
In the US, the name of God is routinely invoked, even in the most partisan contexts, including political rallies at the local level and the national conventions of both parties. The intent seems to be that God will look with favor upon the cause of a particular candidate or party. At the same time, the public seems to have impossible expectations of candidates.  Somehow they are expected to combine the political acumen of Machiavelli and the idealism of Moses, leading the nation towards its liberation from whatever captivity it currently faces. Expecting our candidates to exhibit qualities of both realism and idealism, we end up placing them in an impossible muddle. Disappointment and disillusionment are the inevitable consequences as any candidate for high office in this country is soon to discover.

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Charles is a Presbyterian minister, writer, editor, activist, publisher and public theologian.

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