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Christians Celebrate Science

Christians Celebrate Science Listening to the news media or following Facebook of late, one might well come to the conclusion that there is a built in conflict between Christianity and modern science. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the vast majority of Christians, especially in the US, both respect and celebrate science. […]

The Bible and Science

Behind many topics debated in our current culture wars lies the larger question of the relationship between the Bible and modern science. In my view, wisdom comes not in choosing the Scriptures over Science, but rather in taking the insights of both with equal seriousness. The Bible and Modern Science

Faith, Science and the Future

Faith, Science and the Future This book traces the relationship between science and religion. This gathering of outstanding voices from fields as diverse as evolutionary biology and theology confirms and supports the notion that people of faith have little to fear from science; in fact, constructive engagement with the sciences is essential to the vitality […]

A Christian Case for Evolution

In the context of our current culture wars, it often seems that science and religion are in conflict, forcing a choice between acceptance of religion on the one hand, or science on the other. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the dabate over evolution. The very word “Christian” has come to be identified with […]

On Galileo, Science and Faith

Galileo’s Pals Ever wonder how it happens that a man condemned by the Catholic Inquisition ends up having a monument raised in his honor in one of Italy’s most important cathedrals? In the story of Galileo’s heresy trial, there are important lessons for today concerning the relationship between science and faith.

God and Science

God and Science The current debate about intelligent design raises the larger question of the relationship between religion and science generally. My own book traces the history of the conflict between these siblings, and looks towards their long awaited reconciliation.  God and Science

Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell Research: Are We Messing With Powers and Prerogatives of God? The South Korean researcher who won world acclaim as the first scientist to clone a human embryo and extract stem cells recently resigned as director of a new research center, citing the ethical problems associated with his work.  We look at the issues […]