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Father’s Day Date

Don’t Forget Father’s Day The date and meaning of Father’s Day. With thoughts, prayers and readings for and about Dad.

Father’s Day Prayer

Prayers, thoughts and readings for Father’s Day

The Fatherhood of God

Father’s Day: The Fatherhood of God What Jesus learned from this own father, and why that matters.

Some Thoughts About Father’s Day

While not a religious holiday, strictly speaking, Father’s Day might provoke some fresh thinking about a tradition in which God is conceived of as the “father of us all.”

Did You Forget Mother’s Day?

Did your forget Mother’s Day? If so, it is not too early to start planning now. Mother’s Day 2011 And, equally important … Don’t Forget Father’s Day! The Date of Father’s Day Father’s Day Prayers … plus readings and quotations for Dad

Looking Ahead to ….

Mother’s Day: The Motherhood of God Father’s Day: The Fatherhood of God Also: Mother’s Day Prayers Prayer, poetry, readings, quotations and thoughts for the day. The Date and Meaning of Mother’s Day