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What is Sin? Contrary to popular understanding, sin does not consist of a catalogue of “bad behavior,” rather it is a state of being; it is a condition of alienation from God, the ground of our being. Sin involves alienation from other people as well as the world in which we live. Here’s the story […]

A Biblical View of Marriage

Warning: Updates may be required!

Gay Marriage

The Blessings of Gay Marriage You’ve heard all the arguments pro and con, now hear this. After reading the article, you may want to vote in our poll and participate in the discussion: Gay Marriage is … Follow up article: Gay Marriage: The Debate Continues

The US Senate kills ban on Gay Marriage

US Senate Turns Back Gay Marriage Ban The US Senate has defeated a proposed constitutional amendment that would prohibit voters in any state or city in the republic from recognizing gay marriage or even civil unions, even though there are millions of Americans now living faithfully in such relationships, attending our churches, raising children and […]

Support Marriage Equality!

The Defense of Marriage Act, in our opinion, does nothing to “defend marriage.”  Rather it denies GLBT people the same rights to marriage that other people have.  This is discimination plain and simple.  To join in the fight to repeal DOMA. Add your name urging Congress to end DOMA! http://bit.ly/gHXJkB #Equality

Gay Priests?

New Vatican Document Bans Gay Priests In a new statement that bears the signature of Pope Benedict, the Vatican has announced its intention to ban gay men from the priesthood. The pronouncement is likely to raise further questions about the authority of the papacy, about the ordination of gay men (not to mention women), and […]

The Homosexuality Debate

Homosexuality Debate Apparently the Vatican is about to issue new guidelines, barring even celibate, gay men from the priesthood. Few issues have divided Christian denominations like this one, and the latest moves from Rome will not bring the controversy to an end. We bring to the table two world class biblical scholars to discuss the […]

Homosexuality and the Bible

Homosexuality and the Bible: The Debate Continues More than ten years after their historic encounter, the issues raised by Walter Wink and Ulrich Mauser on these pages continue to preoccupy religious communities and denominations around the world.