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Homosexuality and the Bible

Homosexuality and the Bible: The Debate Continues Faith groups are wrestling yet again with the issue of homosexuality, and perhaps no aspect of that debate is more divisive than the subject of gay clergy. At the moment, Anglicans are in the spotlight with their decennial Lambeth Conference. Last month, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) revisited the […]

Mad Men

Mad Men There is a new TV series (okay, it’s the second season and I’m slow on the uptake) called “Mad Men” which describes the goings-on at a 60’s ad agency. It raises serious questions about how we move from people to consumers, existing only to spend. It’s worth discussing.

Tragedy Compounded

Tragedy compounded This article appears in the current Newsweek and discusses issues that are extremely sad but necessary to confront for parents and teachers. How do we help a child who is openly gay and how do we help his friends, classmates and siblings understand?

Purity Balls

Purity Balls and Big Questions The current issue of Time Magazine has a major article on Purity Balls wherein fathers take a very big interest in preserving their daughters’ virginity. You might want to read the article and ask yourself if that’s entirely healthy and whether it might even be pathological.

The World’s Food Crisis

Profound Moral Issue This article, from Truthout, tells of the horrible strain the world’s food crisis has placed on women in “the third world.” It is painful to read but very essential for us to look at and act upon.