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Faith Based Groups Take the lead in Haiti, Chile

In an excellent editorial, Nicholas Kristof, points out that faith based orgainzations have once again taken the lead in relief efforts following the earthquake in Haiti, as they did in New Orleans, and are likely to do in Chile.  Since the leader among these is World Vision, an offshoot of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, […]

Faith Leaders to Congress: Pass Healthcare Reform!

In advance of this week’s bi-partisan healthcare summit, Christian and Jewish leaders are urging Congress to end the political posturing and pass comprehensive reform as an urgent moral priority. Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, Sojourners, the Religious Action Center for Reformed Judaism and over two dozen Catholic theologians sent a letter to President […]

Evolution Weekend

Churches, temples and mosques from across the United States and around the world are joining together to celebrate Evolution Weekend, Feb. 12-14, a period designed to recognize that religion and science, two fields of critical importance to humans, should be seen as complementary rather than confrontational.  Check out the details Also: God and Science, Faith, […]