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A New Inquisition

A New Inquisition: Neither Welcome Nor Needed A Protestant’s response to the Vatican plan for a “visitation” of all Roman Catholic seminaries in the US. The working document, “Instrumentum Laboris,” including questions to be asked of all administrators, teachers and students at the seminaries is disturbing, not simply because of its negative impact upon qualified […]

Too Hot For School House Walls

The Ten Commandments: Too Hot For School House Walls The Commandments belong in school, but not as dead symbols nailed to a wall. The Ten Commandments, like lots of other texts that play a central role in the formation of our culture, belong in the curriculum, where they can be critically studied and appreciated for […]

The Wall That Should Not Fall

At a time when one group of people argues that the only way to “restore America” is to enforce the values expoused by faith based organizations, while others fear exactly that outcome, the basic notion of the separation of church and state is threatened. This is one wall that should not fall. Read More

Are Americans Stingy

Are Americans Stingy? While hurricane Katrina has focused attention on the persistence of poverty within the US, the question raised in the context of the tsunami disaster persists. Is the US, as some believe, “the most generous nation on earth?” Or as others allege, is the US among the most “stingy?” The answer is hard […]

The Homosexuality Debate

Homosexuality Debate Apparently the Vatican is about to issue new guidelines, barring even celibate, gay men from the priesthood. Few issues have divided Christian denominations like this one, and the latest moves from Rome will not bring the controversy to an end. We bring to the table two world class biblical scholars to discuss the […]

Remembering 9/11

Commemorating 9/11 in the aftermath of Katrina Still stunned by the devastation of this terrible storm, we’re fast approaching another anniversary of the terrorist attacks. How the nation’s greatest natural disaster may change our perspectives on 9/11 and a whole lot else. Discuss it here

God and the Hurricanes

Now in the heart of the tropical storm season, with yet another strom heading for the US, it is timely to reflect upon the ways in which religious people deal with natural disasters, which are often referred to as an “act of God.”   Read more. Check out these respected relief agencies that can deliver help […]

Storm Stories

As we track yet another set of tropical storms across the weather map, even for those who do not find themselves in the path of a hurricane, the challenge is to find the inner resources required to face any of the major storms of life. Read more …

The Katrina Prophecy

The Katrina Prophecy: The Storm After The Storm Prophets don’t predict the future, they warn of dire consequences, given various injustices. David Brooks, with whom I often disagree, has written the most prophetic article on Katrina I’ve seen anywhere. You are invited to check it out and then share your own thoughts.