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Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia

A Statement of Faith in Stone Barcelona’s Sacrada Familia cathedral is very much a statement of faith in stone. As it continues to rise above this spectacular seaport city, it celebrates at once the glory of God and the beauty of the the natural world.

Religious Leaders and Intelligent Design

Religious Leaders Applaud Intelligent Design Decision At a press conference in Washington, D. C., a group of religious leaders announced their support for a Dover, PA, court decision that mandated references to intelligent design in a public school science curriculum would be unconstitutional. More on religion and science

Holiday Spending

The Deluge Begins Only days after Halloween, and merchants are preparing for a blitz of advertising, promotion, and hype. All designed to fuel holiday spending, particularly on expensive Christmas presents. We’ll be looking for alternatives: books, music CD’s, videos, symbolic items … gifts of meaning that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but […]

What is Hell?

There’s a lot of talk about hell on the lips those who believe in it, as well as those who do not. That’s surprising, as the topic is mentioned only a very few times in the Bible, and then in ways that suggest the biblical concept is not the one people have in mind when […]