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The Latest Polls About Religion

What do people really think about hot button issues like abortion, the separation of church and state, gay marriage, etc? The latest public opinion surveys from Gallup, Zogby, The New York Times, Newsweek and others may surprise you. The Latest Polls About Religion

End of the World! Oooops … It’s Not

Periodically, for a variety of reasons, over the span of several thousands of years, various prognosticators and self-appointed prophets, have announced the the end of the world was “coming soon.” In fact, some believers anticipated that the world would end today, May 21, 2011. Not! One thing all these thousands, no millions of believers have […]

Is There Any Pleasure in a Prayer

In the past people have often pondered the question, “Is there any power in a prayer?” Today there is a more pertinent question: “Is there any pleasure in a prayer?” I would submit that if God truly is the source of all things beautiful and good, then prayer is the supreme pleasure of life. Is […]

Books for Thoughtful Christians

If you don’t like to be challenged even as you are entertained and inspired, avoid these books! On the other hand, if you are interested in learning what’s happening at the leading edge Christianity and other world religions, just try any of these books on for size.  Read more …. And if you don’t like […]