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Remembering Those Who Have Died

In addition to parades and picnics, let’s say a prayer for those who have died in Afghanistan. This is a list of US fatalities, but don’t forget that we are not alone in grief, in fact, our allies and many, many Afghan citizens have paid the ultimate price as well. Here is the up-to-date list […]

A Christian Case Against the Death Penalty

A recent decision by the US Supreme Court in a case challenging the use of lethal injection under the “cruel and unusual punishment” amendment to the Constitution once again places capital punishment on trial. While some profess the US to be a “Christian nation,” this country executes more of its citizens than nearly all other […]

Why Does It Always Rain on Weekends?

Why Does It Always Seem To Rain on the Weekends? Is this a figment of my imagination? Or is the rainy weekend effect real? And if its real, is God punishing us, or is there a natural explanation like global warming or air pollution? The answers might surprise you.

All About Pentecost

All About Pentecost The date and meaning of Pentecost, Christianity’s most neglected holiday. The date of Pentecost for 2009 through 2020 The Complete Calendar of the Christian Year The Roman Catholic Liturgical Calendar Books about Pentecost Books about Pentecostalism

How to find a church

How to find a church How to go about finding a church where you will feel at home, as well as being intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally challenged so that your faith will continue to deepen and grow.